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Text-to-Speech Master 2.3.5

by TTS Master Team

Very interesting text to speech program which can read your documents aloud


Text-to-Speech Master

Text-to-Speech Master is very powerful and interesting program that lets you listen to documents, e-mails or web pages instead of reading on screen or even convert them to audio files! It can read texts with different voices, speeds and pitches, read clipboard content, convert text to WAV or MP3 files and much more! Just imagine, how it's easier to listen to texts rather than read them.

Features overview:

+ Reads your DOC, RTF, HTML and text files aloud

+ Converts text to WAV or MP3 audio files so you can listen to it whenever you want!

+ Supports almost all computer voices nowadays!

+ Runs on all Windows™ operating systems (i.e., 98/NT/Me/2K/XP/2003)

+ Has user-friendly and handy interface

+ And much more!

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