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M.W. SMS Sender 1.0

by The MOBI Web

Software for sending SMS for any destination(s) with a personalized sender name


M.W. SMS Sender

M.W. SMS Sender is a 100% free software created by themobiweb.com team. This software allows sending SMS messages of up to 800 characters. With this software you can send your SMS to one or more destination. M.W. SMS Sender allows also to easily create and manage your contact lists and to send instant SMS messages to your lists.

With M.W. SMS Sender, it’s possible to do all what you can do with a mobile phone and with a best price. Send to a friend, to a group, send a lot of SMS messages, list creation and management, personalize the SMS sender name or number.. all these features in a very attractive, nice and simple user interface.

Either you are a particular or professional, M.W. SMS Sender is the ideal tool for your communication.

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