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@TheOffice Remote Office Connectivity 2.0

by Trispen Technologies

Effortless, Affordable and Secure Remote Access and Office Connectivity


@TheOffice Remote Office Connectivity

What does @TheOffice do?

Trispen's @TheOffice provides Secure Remote Access by letting you virtually plug into your Office Network from anywhere in the world. Any PC with Internet Access can be used as if it is directly connected to your Office LAN!

Who is it for?

Anybody who needs Remote Office Connectivity to access Office Resources such as file servers, printers, internal web pages and databases from remote locations, for example:



Businessmen traveling overseas

Mobile Workforce

Road Warriors

Project Collaborators

Contract Workers

What makes @TheOffice different?

@TheOffice aims to make Remote Office Connectivity affordable for the Small- to Medium Business market. Some points to consider:

Many solutions requires expensive hardware that only makes sense for large enterprises. @TheOffice requires no hardware other than standard PC's.

Some solutions works with a dialup connection - this can become very expensive, especially when using from overseas. @TheOffice uses any Internet Connection. With the ever-increasing omnipresence of Internet Connectivity (WiFi Hotspots, Hotel Rooms) this makes great sense.

While other products might let you connect to a remote PC, @TheOffice puts you in the office. Road Warriors, for instance, quite often has a single Notebook that they take with them on the road. They need to have this Notebook in the office, even when out of the office.

Our flexible Subscription Model caters for your changing requirements. If you need extra users for a limited time only, you can purchase the additional capacity for a specified time.

Many of the more expensive solutions requires expert IT skills to configure it properly. We have taken the greatest care to make Remote Access as simple as possible to configure. For instance, @TheOffice integrates with your existing Windows Domain. Permissions are checked against your normal Domain Users by default. No additional access lists to create or maintain!

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