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.WizQuote. 2.0

by Univision Incorporated

Organize and manage your invaluable quotations, comments and snippets of text



Feature rich quotation, comments and reference info snippets manager.

We all need to improve our life, achieve certain targets and obtain success. Most of our happiness is driven from our achievements.

The source of all achievements can be traced down to one magnificent machine, the Brain. You need to look after this great machine properly if you want it to function. You need to keep a vast amount of quality food supply coming in continuously.

Think of WizQuote as the food warehouse of the brain. Collect all the bits and pieces of information, that is of use to you or stimulate some interest, quickly put into WizQuote for future reference. Don't forget all those great sayings, the "Words of Wisdom". Remember, what you put in is what you get out. Take extra special care when you are feeding your brain.

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