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Utility Phone 1.5

by UtilityPhone.com

FREE Worldwide secure communications for voice, video, text and file transfer


Utility Phone

FREE Worldwide PC-to-PC communications using: voice, video, online/offline text messaging, text chat and file transfer, all secured using AES 256 bit encryption. Other features include activity notifications and privacy mode. For corporate V.O.I.P. peering solutions, UtilityPhone can supply a private contact server so that a corporation can limit communications within their own private group. Now you can communicate and collaborate using the most versatile and secure product of its' kind on the market today! Recieve notfications when your contacts go online or offline. Messages sent to a recipient who is offline are stored and sent to that contact when they come online. Although this product is FREE to use, subscribers may fix/lock their User I.D. instead of having to re-register every week and receive a new U.I.D., all for a small fee of US$1.50 per month.

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