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by VCN Corp

Telwell is that tool, which combines chat, phone and webcam



Telwell is that tool, which combines chat, phone and webcam. Chat: MSN® and ICQ® were yesterday. Telwell 3 is there! Chat with friends from your buddylist. Why not send them some smileys? To chat can be so simple... Phone: No more 'The phone bill is too high again'! Telwell solves this problem too. With a headset you can phone with other Telwell members for free! Webcam: To phone is not enough? Easy! Just buy a webcam your friends can see you! How it works? Telwell makes it possible! And... ? For people who don't like to feel boring in office Telwell provides games for musement. Match with other community members and clean up the highscore! Costs? Telwell is for free and you do not pay anything! And how does it work? First, you just register here: Register Then just load it! In the top menu click on 'Download' to get Telwell. After you have downloaded Telwell successfully you just need to install it and that's it.

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