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InternetVelocity 1.5

by VelocityWare

Internet Speedup Utility, Banner and Popup Ad Filter. Surf 2x faster or more



InternetVelocity is a powerful utility that dramatically increases the speed that you surf the web. Windows 95/98 are not configured to take full advantage of dialup connections. It is optimized for LAN connections only. InternetVelocity will tune these TCP/IP parameters to the optimum values based on the type of internet connection that you have. In addition, InternetVelocity will take full advantage of your modems bandwidth. When you are surfing the web, and your modem is idle, InternetVelocity will try to determine the next link that you are about to click on, and attempts to prefetch that web page into its own special cache. So, when you click on a link, the pages instantly appear! The speed at which you surf the web will be two, or three times faster or more!

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