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Rings&Colors 1.0

by Velowaver, Ltd.

Rings&Colors is a new Twist on famous Rubik's Cube game



Rings&Colors is a new Twist on famous Rubik's Cube game!

12 balls of different colors are located on three intersecting circles. A player can rotate any circle with balls clockwise or counterclockwise. The objective is to make a desired figure out of colored balls. The display will show the disposition of balls to be achieved. Choose a puzzle type ranging from a puzzle with balls of 2 colors (beginner's level) to a puzzle with balls with numbers from 1 to 12 (expert) and play the game. At any time of a game you can return to the initial disposition of balls. During a game you can Undo changes for last 100 moves.

Try your hand in Rings&Colors and beat your best score!

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