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COMM-DRV/CE Standard Edition 1.0

by WCSC (Willies Computer Software Co)

Serial Communication Library For Pocket PC and Windows CE


COMM-DRV/CE Standard Edition

COMM-DRV/CE is a professional serial communication library for Windows/CE & Pocket PC. It supports ZModem, YModem, and XModem file transfer protocols as well as modem communication.

COMM-DRV/CE does not require that you have a Pocket PC to develop serial communication applications. It was developed with eMbedded Visual C++ 3.0 which includes a Pocket PC emulator that behaves virtually identically to any of the Pocket PCs on the market today. Moreover we have included the DLLs necessary to support both the emulator as well as the actual Pocket PC devices.

Major Features:

*Support Visual eMbedded C++ 3.0.

*Complete source code provided.

*Targets devices based on Windows CE 2.11 and Windows CE 3.0.

*Compatible with:

Pocket PC 2002

Pocket PC 2003

Pocket PC 2003 2nd Edition

Smartphone 2002

Smartphone 2003

Smartphone 2003 2nd Edition

*Support for ALL Hayes compatible modems (AT command set).

*Supports ALL single or multiport cards made for Pocket PC & *Windows/CE devices.

*Multiple ports may be active at the same time.

*Built-in hardware and software handshaking for flow control (DTR/DSR, RTS/CTS, XON/XOFF).

*Adjustable communication buffers of any size.

*Support any baud rate in excess of 460K baud that is supported by the underlying hardware.

*File transfer libraries allow Xmodem, Ymodem, and Zmodem file transfers on multiple ports at the same time.

*On line help.

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