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WinXfer 1.0

by WCSC (Willies Computer Software Co)

Transfers files between computers directly connected serially or by modem



WinXfer is a versatile file transfer utility that allows transferring files between two computers directly connected through the serial port or through a modem. It is very easy to use and very intuitive.

WinXfer has three interfaces. The first uses the standard Windows (GUI) interface that allows the user to run it as a simple Windows application. The second is a command line console interface that can be used either from the command prompt, spawned from another application or command file, or run from the Windows scheduler. The third is an application programming interface that allows a Visual C/C++, Visual Basic, and any tool capable of calling DLLs to access all features programmatically.

WinXfer features:

" Transfer's files reliably between computers.

" Provides both a GUI interface as well as a command line interface for complete integration and flexibility in most user applications.

" Keeps complete log of all file transfer activity.

" Silent mode to allow blind integration into user application.

" Supports file transfers via computers connected via modem or direct connect (serial port to serial port).

" Supports any modem that using the standard Hayes commands.

" Includes an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows Visual C/C++, Visual Basic, and any tool or language capable of calling DLLs to access the interface directly.

" Excellent documentation.

" May be run from the Windows scheduler.

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