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A Handy Address Book Server 1.3

by Web Address Book Software

Web-based Address Books with Multi-User Access and Permissions


A Handy Address Book Server

Web server software for address books. View, modify, or administer

address books using a web browser from any platform. You can define

users and set permissions, so address books can be shared among multiple

users with varying levels of access. Ideal for sharing contacts among

multiple users in an office, making a corporate directory available on

your web site, networking your address book for access on multiple

computers, or making your addresses available no matter where you


Address books are completely customizable, so you can integrate them

into your existing web site. No other web server software is necessary,

all you need is the A Handy Address Book Server software and a Windows

based PC.

A Handy Address Book Server makes working with your contacts easy.

Import from many popular contact management programs. Track an unlimited

number of contacts with any number of categories. Customize your own

field names, choose which fields to display, and sort by any field.

Apply filters based on category, alphabet, or both. Powerful search

features for finding your contacts. Quick links to look up maps for any

address using MapQuest, Yahoo, or Google. Also supports using an

optional "Handy Client" for working with your address books.

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