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Which clock do you want 1.2

by Wershinin Pavel

Multipurpose clock. Appearance the clock, is limited only by your imagination


Which clock do you want

Which clock do you want essentially differ from the overwhelming majority of clock. Appearance the clock, is limited only by your imagination. By means of our clock, you can open in yourselves talent of the artist and independently create the personal masterpiece. It is boring to look at standard dials, and here the opportunity to place a dial of the personal clock, on any form drawn by you is given to you. The analog dial is supported. At desire it is possible to combine analog and electronic display of time. And the figures created by you, will make your personal collection. If the creative fountain is planned at you not for today we invite you to visit a collection of our skins, a variety of the offered variants will help you to choose a variant completely adequating to your inquiries. The clock give in your order: a multipurpose alarm clock, a stop watch, a calendar, a notebook, history of starts, function " Atop of all windows ". The program is equipped by the detailed information in English languages.

The alarm clock besides performance of the usual functions, is equipped by a regulator of loudness. For those who has got used to fall asleep under silent music and to wake up under a bravura march, installation of loudness of a sound is stipulated. Which works during the moment intended for rise. The alarm clock is capable to start any file, whether it be a sound, video, the program, figure or the text. For start of a file the alarm clock will use habitual to you programs so to you will not have to potter with set of adjustments. The calendar, will enable digression forward and back on time. The notebook, will remind you of any celebratory or important date. After entering date in a notebook, in the appointed day, at start of a computer, there will be a window warning of approach of a holiday. Neither favourite, nor children, friends cannot reproach you that you have forgotten about important, for them, date.

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