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WhMic 5.1

by WhmSoft

Secure Internet Communication Program (VoIP and Chat) and Audio Stream Player



WhMic is a multimedia program running on Windows whose purposes are:

- The treatment of voice in order to enhance its quality and to facilitate its detection.

- The bi-directional communication and the diffusion of voice, music and messages using TCP/IP.

- The playing and the recording of voice and music.

- The generation of signals and noises in the audio domain.

Its main functionalities are:

- Many treatments in frequency domain (filtering, gain, limitation, suppression, compression, expansion, equalization)

after FFT (Fast Fourier Transform).

- High performance voice detection capability.

- Support of TCP/IP via DirectPlay and Windows media.

- Many Codecs for communications and diffusions (GSM, MPEG Layer-3, Windows Media Audio, ...).

- WHM Audio Codec for communications and diffusions.

- End to end secure data with base and enhanced cryptography.

- Simple reading of MP3 and Windows Media files and URLs (audio streams).

- Simple reading of Real Media files and URLs (audio streams).

- White noise and pink noise.

- Graphical displays (time domain, frequency domain, spectrogram).

- 3D sound positioning and Windows mixer volumes control.

- .WAV file support.

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