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OutlookEnvoy for Office 2003 1.0.7

by XorByte Software Solutions

Create appointments and have your reminder messages spoken to you by phone


OutlookEnvoy for Office 2003

Ring, Ring…”This is your OutlookEnvoy reminding you that Joey’s soccer game is at 3PM at ball field three.” Stop banging yourself in the head because you forgot an appointment. OutlookEnvoy will call you and speak to you over the phone those important events, meetings, appointments. OutlookEnvoy will also text message the reminder to you at the same number or at another number you choose. Turn the computer off and stay connected with your Outlook reminders when you are on the go.OutlookEnvoy is the Ultimate Reminder Solution for your home or business. OutlookEnvoy seamlessly plugs-in to your Microsoft Outlook 2003 application. You can then create an appointment as you would normally do (nothing new to learn) and OutlookEnvoy will automatically call you on the phone, and actually speak the reminder message to you! You can even have it text message the reminder to you at the same number or another number you choose. Once you create the reminder you can even turn your computer off! The call is made on our state of the art servers, not over your existing phone lines, so your phone bill will not go up. You can use our service for almost anything you can imagine such as a doctors appointment, meetings, your child's soccer game, bill reminders, anniversaries and birthdays, even to give yourself a wakeup call. Try our demo now, its free! Give our service a try and we are sure you will love the freedom it brings you. Ring, Ring… “This is your OutlookEnvoy! “

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