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by Zittware

CDMaster32: Burn MP3 to CD, convert MP3 to WAV, or rip CD to MP3



CDMASTER is a shareware (free to try) program that provides conversion

technologies for WAV, MOD, Vorbis, MP3, and CDs. Some of the capabilities of


* Burn those MP3s to AudioCD! With a few clicks of your mouse, you can create

an Audio CD (.cda) that can be played in your Car's CD Player,

Home HiFi CD player, or your Portable CD player.

- CDMaster32's AudioCD Burner contains:

+ a built-in CD Quality Converter

+ built-in volume Normalizer

+ and Audio Restoration Routines.

+ Supports MP3, MOD, OGG, and WAV formats.

* Easily Create CD Labels for any CD. CD Labels can be created for any CD;

including those recently created by CDMaster32.

* Convert, Normalize, and Enhance any supported file format.

(MP3, MOD, Vorbis (OGG), and WAV supported)

* Convert Copy Protected WMA files to supported file formats.

* Virtually Hands free CD Ripper. (to WAV,MP3 and/or Vorbis (OGG).

Normalize all CD Tracks to the same volume.

* User Interface can be customized with Winamp Skins. Design your own or

Download already made skins.

* Allows dubbing of CDs to Audio Tape sizes.

* Allows attaching of graphics to individual CDs.

(*.JPG, *.JIF, *.TGA, *.PCX, *.BMP, *.DIB, *.RLE)

* Imports your CD data from the Free Internet CD Database.

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