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ThunderSetup Professional 2.0

by cmW@re

Powerful script-based installation tool with a redistributable WebUpdate utility


ThunderSetup Professional

ThunderSetup is a powerful script-based installation tool with a redistributable WebUpdate utility.


-handles shared files, COM servers/OCX files/type libraries, in-use files and font files

-installation of external files (uncompressed files outside the setup package)

-differential patch mode which only saves the differences between two file versions (creation of update packages)

-creates Registry entries and INI entries

-creates shortcut icons anywhere on the computer (not only in the start menu)

-detailed target system choice for files, Registry entries, INI entries, Icons, extensions and the complete setup

-multiple installation types and custom setup

-supports DLL extensions and ShellExecute (opening files with the associated program or executing applications) extensions

-serial number validation using a DLL

-automatic uninstaller, support of multiple uninstallers for one program

-modern Windows Installer-like installation/uninstallation wizard that supports Windows XP themes

-all dialogs are completely script-based; dialogs can be edited and created with the visual Dialog Designer

-integrated scripting language with over 90 specialized and general commands

file installation, setup start and termination can also be controlled by scripts

-installer supports two silent install modes

-multilingual support and easy-to-use Language Editor

-large set of path variables and control variables; variables can be changed and added with script commands and extension DLLs

-very good BZIP2 compression

-disk-spanning setups and single-file self-extracting setups

-encryption/password protection of setup packages

-integrated redistributable web updating utility via HTTP or FTP

-WebUpdate Distribution Manager for easy upload of WebUpdate packages

-easy-to-use IDE

-useful functions like automatic creation of autorun.inf, file dependency check and Registry import

-context-sensitive help and email support

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