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e-Xpressor MIDI Voicer 1.31

by e-Xpressor Laboratory

Converts voice/audio to MIDI in real-time, vocal to ringtone, pitch to score


e-Xpressor MIDI Voicer

The program converts voice into timbres of any MIDI instruments, creates original ring tones for mobile phones, creates musical pieces by ear, recognizes notes of the vocal melody.


A live or recorded performance is converted to MIDI in real-time. MIDI Voicer is a veritable musical instrument containing a great selection of musical timbres. For instance, when singing a tune into a microphone you can simultaneously hear it blown by the trumpet or the sax, performed by the electric guitar or even beaten by drums! MIDI Voicer "feels", recognizes and then plays back all the nuances of voice motion, all the mistakes and false notes. All those facts make the program extremely useful for vocal education. You can also convert melody from an audio file.


Using MIDI Voicer you can easily compose your own original and unique ring tones for mobile phones. You just sing the melody you have just arranged, hear it and immediately convert it to a ring tone for your handset. If you hate singing you can either perform it on the musical instrument you like best or use a melody from an audio file.


MIDI Voicer also identifies notes of the sung tune. This enables to get a MIDI file to edit in sequencers, mix the melody with other musical pieces or even arrange it with e-Xpressor Real MIDI Accompaniment Maker and receive your original musical hit!




<tr><td>Range of recognizable voice frequencies:</td><td>100 - 1500 Hz </td>

<tr><td>Range of recognizable notes:</td><td>A2 - F#6</td>

<tr><td>Conversion delay (in real-time):</td><td>not more than 30 milliseconds</td>

<tr><td>Opening files:</td><td>WAV, MP3</td>

<tr><td>WAVE file sampling rate:</td><td>8000 -192000 Hz</td>

<tr><td>WAVE file resolution:</td><td>8, 16 or 32 bits per sample </td>

<tr><td>Saving files with</td><td> </td>

<tr><td>Original voice:</td><td>WAV, MP3</td>

<tr><td>Converted voice:</td><td>MIDI 1</td>

<tr><td> Recognized melody:</td><td>MIDI 1</td></table>

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