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rapidHELP 2.1

by rapidHelp Software

rapidHELP - Your Trial Software for Call Centre, Helpdesk and Support



This is rapidHELP

rapidHELP is an Intranet- and Internet solution for Call Centre, Helpdesk and Support services and the tool for Hotliners and Supporters.

Functional Overview

Transparent Data flow

Through its transparent data flow, rapidHELP is always just a mouse click away from all relevant data. Tickets can be automatically forwarded to the responsible supporters, taking absence, stand ins, and time overruns into account (escalation management).

Customer Tickets

When you create a new ticket, the software automatically displays that customerís history, at the same time providing a knowledge base that contains all customer information concerning hotline contracts, support issues and the hardware and software used.

Multitasking support

The system is multitasking compliant in every respect.

Integral Absence Manager

The Absence Manager controls the availability of all Call Centre staff.

Uniform GUI for Administrators and Users

rapidHELP administrators use the same GUI as the users.

Internet Capability

The Internet connection option allows your customers to directly verify the status of any logged call. It is also possible to raise tickets and search the knowledge database via the web interface.

Automatic Timing

The duration of all support actions can be timed automatically.

Automatical display of new tickets

The system automatically informs every supporter about new tickets, and provides a list of unhandled issues.


Clearly arranged statistics tell you everything you need to know about your Call Centres performance.


rapidHELP is based on HTML and XML and offers via many integrated hyperlinks fast access to different programme functions.

Drag and Drop

The administrator can set up the user interface according to the wishes and requirements of the Call Centre Manager and his staff.


Each supporter and group can be equipped with different user rights. This guarantees a high standa

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