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Proxy Workbench 1.2

by tcpIQ / Sigma Solutions

Proxy Workbench is a unique proxy server that displays its data in real-time


Proxy Workbench

Proxy Workbench is a unique proxy server ideal for developers, trainers and security experts that displays its data in real-time. You can actually see the data flowing between your e-mail client and the e-mail server, web browser and web server or even analyse FTP in both Passive and Active modes. In addition, the 'pass through' protocol handler enables analysis of protocols where the server does not readily change.

The best feature is the animated connection diagram that graphically represents the history of each socket connection and allows you to drill into the finest of detail. This animation can even be exported to HTML and saved to the web!

Major Features

- See data flow between socket connections

- Animated socket connection diagram

- 'Pass Through' protocol handler for debugging protocols

- Connection failure simulation strategies allow you to simulate:

a) Slow or asymmetric Internet connections (bandwidth throttling)

b) Servers that are underpowered, overloaded or under attack (connection refusal)

c) Intermittent connections (connection termination)

d) Disconnected network cables (connection dangling)

e) Data floods and droughts

- Natively handles HTTPS (secure sockets) and POP3

- Real time logging of data. All events are logged to a CSV format ready for advanced analysis with a database or spreadsheet.

- Animated system tray icon unobtrusively indicates data flow direction

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