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Recover Information from Formatted Hard Drives and Memory Cards

Today’s hardware comprising the storage subsystem has become more reliable than ever. Modern hard disks, SSD drives, memory cards and USB flash drives rarely fail unless abused. This, however, does not mean we have any decrease in the number of issues connected with loss of data.

Data loss, sometimes severe, may occur for a number of reasons. Accidental or malicious actions account for more than half of all cases; the rest does for software and operating system errors, power failures and system crashes. All this may easily render the disk inaccessible, and all information stored on it unusable.

State of the art data recovery tools such as Hetman Partition Recovery help rectify the situation by analyzing the entire content of the failed media one block after another, matching information they read against a database of known file formats. If a file of a known type is encountered, Hetman Partition Recovery can recover it onto another (healthy) media near instantly.

Try Hetman Partition Recovery free of charge. Download partition recovery software

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