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Analyzing Software Store

A program for capturing and analyzing network packets

CommView 5.1 by TamoSoft $99.00

Network packet monitor and analyzer

CommView CommView is a program for monitoring Internet and LAN activity capable of capturing and analyzing network packets. It gathers information about data passing through your dial-up adapter, Ethernet or Token Ring card, or loopback interface and decodes the analyzed data. CommView With CommView you can see the list of network connections and examine individual packets. Packets are decoded down to the lowest layer with analysis of most protocols.


Download CommView 5.1 (3.2 MB)

SAL232 1.0.0 by HW group s. r. o. $0.00

RS232 serial data & timing loger

SAL232 Sal232 is effective, user friendly utility when you need to analyze and log your serial communication. Received data are stored together with time marks that can be used to read time context. SAL232 Specific details (time delay, Hex characters, etc.) are highlighted with various colors. Recorded data can be stored in .RTF file. It's only one .EXE file and no installation is required. It's distributed as freeware.


Download SAL232 1.0.0 (262.7 KB)

Terrasoft Call Center 2.8 by Terrasoft CRM Software $2490.00

Call Center Server module for Terrasoft CRM

Terrasoft Call Center Terrasoft Call Center


Download Terrasoft Call Center 2.8 (9.9 MB)

Data Destroyer 1.5 by Braintwist Studios $32.00
Data Destroyer

Automatically securely removes data from HD

Data Destroyer Microsoft Windows stores information about the programs you use, the documents and pictures you view, including many other things. Each application you use generates its own history data, access logs, temporary data files, and each file contains time and date stamps. Data Destroyer To ensure corporate and personal data security, this information, along with any Recycle Bin activity, all of which constitutes an electronic data trail, should be securely deleted so.


Download Data Destroyer 1.5 (1.3 MB)


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