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Discounted Cash Flow Analysis of 14 cash flow series with 5 discount rates

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator 1.7.00 by Wheatworks Software, LLC $69.95
Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator Calculates the following results for each of 14 cash flow series: Initial Investment, Smallest and Largest Cash Flows, Range, Average, Number of Cash Flows, Undiscounted Sum of Cash Flows, IRR and Undiscounted Payback Period. Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator For each of 5 discount rates associated with the 14 cash flow series, it calculates: NPV, NFV, NUS, MIRR, Present Worth Cost, Present Worth Revenue, Benefit/Cost Ratio and Present Value Ratio.


Download Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator 1.7.00 (2.5 MB)

My Reference Book 2.0.1 by Poterin $5.00
My Reference Book

Reference Book

My Reference Book The Program will enable to use the text records sorted hierarchically. It can be rather convenient as a telephone directory, a reference book, guide and means of storage of other different information. My Reference Book Calculator, Encryption, Search are enabled.


Download My Reference Book 2.0.1 (638.5 KB)

Long Distance Calculator 1.0 by ImageLink Incorporated $0.00
My Reference Book

Compare long distance prices instantly

Long Distance Calculator Thank you for choosing the ImageLink Calculator, our ultimate best rate search tool with FAST and very EASY detailed rate analysis for all of our long distance carriers - side by side - in your area. Long Distance Calculator Compare your current phone bill rates to major Long Distance carriers with prices as low as 3.45 cents per minute. Completely free and without obligation of any type. You will instantly see your savings per month.


Download Long Distance Calculator 1.0 (252.9 KB)


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