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GotItBack! Password Recovery Tool for Windows

GotItBack! 1.1 by Whirlwind Software $19.95
Download Express

GotItBack! Password Recovery Tool

GotItBack! GotItBack!


Download GotItBack! 1.1 (367.5 KB)

Message Encryption Application 1.0 by Metaware Productions $29.00
Message Encryption Application

Powerful Messaging Encryption Software

Message Encryption Application Protect your personal messages with encryption keys of your choice. Tthen give the keys to people you trust. - When or if the need arises, change the keys to ensure continued privacy. Message Encryption Application This concept is different in that you can actually see the results of using your encryption keys. No more wondering if what you send over the internet is actually secured or not. Outstanding 'Identity Theft' software protection.


Download Message Encryption Application 1.0 (3 MB)

MyPadlock 1.4 by Metaware Productions $47.00

Want real internet security? Use MyPadLock

MyPadlock MyPadlock


Download MyPadlock 1.4 (3.1 MB)

Sounding Keyboard and Mouse 2.925 by SoftBoy $29.95

Hear sound, midi or words after typing

Sounding Keyboard and Mouse ( softboy.net )It Lets you hear magic sound when you press keys or click mouse. The program allows you to hear the sound or the words which you want to hear after your typing or clicking. Sounding Keyboard and Mouse If the Microsoft Speech API and TTS Engine have been install on your computer, The program can vocalise the text you are typing at the completion of each character or each word or each sentence.


Download Sounding Keyboard and Mouse 2.925 (3.7 MB)

1st Read It Aloud! 1.0 by Rich Speech $29.90
1st Read It Aloud!

Select text, press hotkey, enjoy clear voice

1st Read It Aloud! Select text from any program, press hotkey and enjoy clear natural voice. Make your documents, emails, web pages, books and thoughts sound. 1st Read It Aloud! Configure volume, speed and pitch of speech. Create Voice Slots to use different hot keys for different voices. I am sure, this program will become your best friend. Enjoy.


Download 1st Read It Aloud! 1.0 (2.7 MB)

Write Source 5.2.6 by Alcoda Software $45.95
Write Source

Spell check, word processing/text editor

Write Source Write Source is a highly configurable spell check, thesaurus, dictionary, text editor utility and optimized word repository. Write Source Write Source improves writing and editing efforts with clear, concise communication and with its on-the-fly performance, provides a fast, intuitive, and powerful centralized word handling suite that's only a few mouse clicks or keystrokes away.


Download Write Source 5.2.6 (13.5 MB)

AntiCrack Software Protector Basic 1.09 by AntiCrack Inc $149.00
AntiCrack Software Protector Basic

anticrack,exe protect,dll protect,antidebug

AntiCrack Software Protector Basic AntiCrack Software Protector is the system of software protection of applications,designed for quick implementation of application protection functions, especially targeted for software developers. AntiCrack Software Protector Basic AntiCrack Software Protector is not only a dll exe protector,but also a dll exe compressor.You can use it to compress and protect your exe dll files step by step. AntiCrack Software Protector is a dll exe protection and dll exe compression tool.


Download AntiCrack Software Protector Basic 1.09 (1.3 MB)

Smart Database Viewer(Access,Excel,Oracle) 1.5 by Cellica Software Services $14.95
Smart Database Viewer(Access,Excel,Oracle)

View any database on Smart Phone 2002

Smart Database Viewer(Access,Excel,Oracle) View any Desktop database on Smart Phone. Use desktop application to convert your MS Access, Excel,Oracle,MySQL, Foxpro, dBase, or any ODBC Compliant database to PDB and use DatabaseViewer. Smart Database Viewer(Access,Excel,Oracle) exe to view it on Smart Phone. Apply SQL Select queries on database to purify records by adding filter. View database tables: all at a time or record at a time. All operations can also be performed via numpad keys on smart Phone.


Download Smart Database Viewer(Access,Excel,Oracle) 1.5 (528.3 KB)

Mobile Database Viewer(Access,xls,Oracle)for S60 1.5 by Cellica Software Services $14.95
Mobile Database Viewer(Access,xls,Oracle)for S60

View Access,Excel,any database on S60 mobile

Mobile Database Viewer(Access,xls,Oracle)for S60 View Access,FoxPro,dBase,Excel.Oracle and any ODBC enable Database on S60 mobile phone like Nokia 7650,3650 .View database tables: all at a time or record at a time. Apply SQL Select queries on database to purify records by adding filter. Mobile Database Viewer(Access,xls,Oracle)for S60 View database tables: all at a time or record at a time. Easy browsing: By considering the Mobile structure,All operations can also be performed via numpad keys on Mobile. Support for search.


Download Mobile Database Viewer(Access,xls,Oracle)for S60 1.5 (635.9 KB)

Cyber-What!? 1.0 by Borivoje Kovac $35.00

Voice Conferencing Client/Server for Windows

Cyber-What!? Cyber-What!? is simple yet powerful voice conferencing Client/Server solution for Windows. Supports up to 60 simultaneous speakers on your LAN or via Internet! 1.4kbps up to 350kbps transfer rates provide maximum flexibility and resource utilization. Cyber-What!? Get telephone quality reproduction already at 13kbps! Use configurable, global shorcut keys to instantly speak to groups of contacts, from any application.


Download Cyber-What!? 1.0 (900 KB)

Dialog Box Assistant 2.1 by Xeletrix $19.95
Dialog Box Assistant

Quick access to recent folders in dialogs

Dialog Box Assistant Tired of wasting your time browsing for folders and files? Dialog Box Assistant greatly speeds up access to your data. It extends the standard Windows Open and Save dialog boxes with the lists of the recently used folders and files. Dialog Box Assistant Even in the Microsoft Office©. It maintains list of recently used folders and files in every program. Also you can open your favorite folders using screen menu, available by pressing the hot keys.


Download Dialog Box Assistant 2.1 (685 KB)

Easy Macro Recorder 2.6 by flashplayerpro.com $29.95
Easy Macro Recorder

macro recorder for Window applications

Easy Macro Recorder Easy Macro Recorder is a handy utility that makes your computers automatically do work for you. It records all operation of mouse and keystrokes and saves them as macros, then Easy Macro Recorder can play back the recorded macros to automate your work any number of times. Easy Macro Recorder Unlike macros of Microsoft Office, it works on any Windows applications. Easy Macro Recorder is very easy to use, just three steps: record -- save -- playback.


Download Easy Macro Recorder 2.6 (1.2 MB)

Zip Express 2.4b by Insight Software Solutions $24.95
Zip Express

Find Zip Codes and more

Zip Express Zip Express allows you to search by zip code, city, county, state or area code. As you type in search criteria, potential matches are displayed Preferences may be chosen on what data is to be displayed. Zip Express Copy data to the clipboard or print it. It lets you automatically paste zip code information directly into your Windows applications via hot keys and over 80 hot keys are available. You can have nearly unlimited formats for your data.


Download Zip Express 2.4b (3.4 MB)

KeyMaster 1.05 by Heavy Horse $19.95
Zip Express

An advanced keyboard and text-to-speech tool

KeyMaster Eliminate typing errors with KeyMaster. Delay the action of the caps/num/scroll lock and insert keys and/or configure visual and audible alerts when these keys are pressed. KeyMaster features a powerful set of fully integrated text-to-speech tools for MS Word, Wordpad, Notepad, Outlook and Internet Explorer - there's no need to copy the text to another application. KeyMaster KeyMaster is the ideal low cost typing aid for the visually impaired.


Download KeyMaster 1.05 (7.5 MB)

ORTWIN 6.30 by Killet Softwareentwicklung GbR $140.00

Register with 62500 georeferenced FRG towns

ORTWIN The program participates an register with approximately 62500 georeferenced towns and places of the Federal Republic of Germany. It serves the investigation of cities, communities and residential places, their zip codes, telephone preselections, hierachical order, coordinates and community-keys as well as the matching topographical maps. ORTWIN It supports conversions between coordinate systems and the distance calculation between the towns.


Download ORTWIN 6.30 (3.4 MB)

eva/3 Universal Database Converter (UDC) 1.1.1 by optadat@.com $0.00
eva/3 Universal Database Converter (UDC)

eva/3 Universal Database Converter (UDC

eva/3 Universal Database Converter (UDC) The Universal Database Converter transfers complete database data structures, data repositories, and indices from one database system to another. Table relationships with primary and foreign keys are also taken into account and transferred into the target system. eva/3 Universal Database Converter (UDC) Thus the Universal Database Converter enables flexible and adaptive handling of various database systems, and also facilitates database migration projects.


Download eva/3 Universal Database Converter (UDC) 1.1.1 (2.9 MB)

CardFile PS Net 4.2 by PinderSoft $19.99
CardFile PS Net

Your professional information manager

CardFile PS Net Keep your professional and personal data centralized and easy to retrieve with PinderSoft's CardFile PS Net - Professional Information Manager. From CD keys to business contacts to passwords, registration numbers and more, CardFile PS Net keeps your most important data from going missing. CardFile PS Net Password protection keeps your data safe and secure. CardFile PS Net professional organizer is our next generation software in personal information managing.


Download CardFile PS Net 4.2 (625 KB)

Keystone Fiber Management 2005.4 by Prometheus Technologies, Inc. $0.00
CardFile PS Net

Fiber management solution

Keystone Fiber Management A powerful and affordable fiber optic design tool. Keystone 2005 is the result of four years of consulting and design with engineers and field technicians to simplify the process of managing and sharing information needed for fiber network management. Keystone Fiber Management It is designed for both fiber management novices and experts alike. Add network data to Keystone using point-and click tools. Then deploy the data, all related files, and custom reports easily.


Download Keystone Fiber Management 2005.4 (16.3 MB)

Qubit Master 2.1 by Quantum Intelligence Group $29.95
Qubit Master

Voice commands do the work

Qubit Master Qubit Master allows users to perform any repetitive computer task by giving out a single voice command, menu selection or key combination. For example, say 'Send weekly report to Bill' and it will open a new e-mail message, address it to 'Bill', fill the subject line with 'Weekly report' and format the message body. Qubit Master Or, press Control, Shift and 'H' keys and it will take you to the Hotmail site, enter the user name and password and log in.


Download Qubit Master 2.1 (6.4 MB)

TokiVoki Voice Editor by Easy Wonder Inc. $15.00
TokiVoki Voice Editor

Voice Recorder, Editor and Emailer

TokiVoki Voice Editor Voice Recorder, Editor and Emailer, fast, user-friendly. Record your voice message or a note, edit, email it. Prepare your speech with TokiVoki. Use familiar methods of text editing, like Drag-and-Drop; Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V; Delete, Backspace keys; Enter key; Keyboard Arrows; Unlimited Undo-Redo, to organize spoken message. TokiVoki Voice Editor Send your voice alive with a click of a mouse. Why typing? Why reading? Just use TokiVoki.


Download TokiVoki Voice Editor (287.1 KB)

Macro Keyboard Mouse Recorder Wizard 2.1 by Vsisoftware.com $19.95
Macro Keyboard Mouse Recorder Wizard

Macro Wizard Keyboard Mouse Recorder

Macro Keyboard Mouse Recorder Wizard Macro Wizard Keyboard Mouse Recorder 2.1 lets you record and play back keyboard and mouse actions. Also has Hot Keys that enable you to Run Marcos, Run Applications, Send a string a text, Send Key Strokes too. Macro Keyboard Mouse Recorder Wizard - <a href="http://www.vsisystems.com/macrowizard.htm">Macro</a>.


Download Macro Keyboard Mouse Recorder Wizard 2.1 (1.6 MB)

WinBatch 2006b by Wilson WindowWare, Inc. $99.95

WinBatch is scripting for every Windows PC

WinBatch WinBatch is a scripting language for Windows 2003, XP, 2000, NT. Macros can be run from icons, hotkeys, or other software macros to automate all aspects of PC operation. WinBatch WinBatch has a simple BASIC-like syntax with modules to manipulate software, networking, internetworking, and communications.


Download WinBatch 2006b (4.4 MB)

Zipkey 6.04E by Eric Isaacson Software $25.00

Zipcode and US area directory with key macros

Zipkey ZIPKEY is a complete city-level directory of 5-digit United States zipcodes, 3-digit telephone area codes, and time zones, combined with a keyboard enhancement program. Zipkey If you type US addresses into any Windows program, ZIPKEY will speed your job and improve your accuracy. You type the zipcode, and ZIPKEY types out the city, state, etc. for you. Instantly look up telephone area codes and time zones as well.


Download Zipkey 6.04E (194.4 KB)

QuickSigner 1.0 by CommuniCrypt Software $0.00

Digitally signing files and text with RSA

QuickSigner Secure your data transfers with digitally signed files!This is a tool for quickly digitally signing or verifying text or files with Public-Key-Encryption with RSA encryption algorithm (RSAES-OAEP). QuickSigner Key length for signing up to 7120 bit. Keys are compatible with CommuniCrypt Standard Edition.


Download QuickSigner 1.0 (2.8 MB)

Radl Free Radius server 1.5 by LUTEUS $0.00
Radl Free Radius server

Radl is a Free Radius server

Radl Free Radius server The main goal of the Radius server (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) is to centralize the authentication information (name, password, keys ..) attached to users. It is frequently used with Remote Access Server equipments and Dial-in users. Radl Free Radius server This Program is the server part of the Radius client/server architecture. RADIUS is described in RFC 2865. RADIUS protocol Uses User Datagram Protocol (UDP) messages (port 1812 is used for RADIUS.


Download Radl Free Radius server 1.5 (218.4 KB)


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