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Vuechat - web based Customer Service software featured with live video and voice

VueChat Enterprise Server 1.3 by VueCam $19.00
VueChat Enterprise Server

Vuechat - Customer Service and CRM software

VueChat Enterprise Server VueChat Enterprise Server


Download VueChat Enterprise Server 1.3 (607.8 KB)

PhoneBook 2.3 by Gasaw Software $20.00

PhoneBook - It is the electronic address book

PhoneBook PhoneBook - It is the electronic address book. Address book can be used for storage of the information about your familiar, friends, corporations, etc. PhoneBook - Storage Name, Surname, birthday, the address, home and working phones, number of a pager, a photo, email, numbers ICQ and addresses of a homepage on the Internet, and as notes; - Allocation of abonents on groups; - Realization of search on all base; - Export the data of book to text file; - and .


Download PhoneBook 2.3 (956.1 KB)

SendToPager Gold 2.0.2 by SendToPager Software $199.00
SendToPager Gold

Deliver Corporate Messages to Pagers&Mobi

SendToPager Gold Send messages from corporate network computers to pagers and mobile phones. Flexible Messaging Server and thin Messaging Client, cooperating in the Windows Network environment, will make you business communication easy and effective. SendToPager Gold Using the network installation and the shared Address Book for all Messaging Clients will ease configuration and maintenance. Recommended for offices and corporations from small to world-wide sizes.


Download SendToPager Gold 2.0.2 (815.4 KB)


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