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Safe browsing toolbar - shows site's real owner & if it is safe to buy or lo

CallingID for the Internet by CallingID $0.00
CallingID for the Internet

Safe browsing toolbar - shows owner of sites

CallingID for the Internet CallingID Toolbar for safe e-commerce and e-banking: Automatically shows if it is safe to buy or login at visited web site. It displays the site owner's name and physical address and an indication if the site is suitable for e-commerce or e-banking. CallingID for the Internet CallingID automatically checks if the site owner is actively conducting business at the specified address. Risky sites like phishing, hacker, and sites that hide owner identity are marked High Risk.


Download CallingID for the Internet (2.6 MB)

Online Store Kit 3.0 Pro 3.0 by Alarit Inc. $1699.00
CallingID for the Internet

E-commerce Software: the absolute best

Online Store Kit 3.0 Pro Intense research, development and testing have brought us to what we call the Online Store Kit 3.0 Pro. We are launching a new edition of revolutionary improved version ofOnline Store Kit 3. Online Store Kit 3.0 Pro 0 Pro with new features: - ability to compare products by attributes in special products comparison page - ability to organize products in special listings automatically (hot, new) and manually And other.


Download Online Store Kit 3.0 Pro 3.0 (3 MB)

osCommRes 1.1.1 by osCommRes $0.00

osCommRes e-Commerce for service businesses

osCommRes osCommRes allows service based businesses to go online and sell services. It is 100% free. You can sell a product and a service in the one transaction, automate e-Marketing and SMS-Marketing and empower your call centre. osCommRes It is powerful, efficient and easy to use. You can place customers into wait list, selectively overbook events and best of all, do it online. osCommRes is an extension of osCommerce, ensuring it is secure, scaleable and reliable.


Download osCommRes 1.1.1 (4.5 MB)


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