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make photo slide show with transition effects for 3GP/MP4 ready cellular phone

ANVSOFT 3GP Photo Slideshow 1.12 by ANVSOFT Inc. $29.95
ANVSOFT 3GP Photo Slideshow

make 3GP MP4 photo slide show

ANVSOFT 3GP Photo Slideshow 3GP Photo Slideshow allows you to create entertaining 3GP MP4 format photo slideshows playable on 3GP compatible cellular phones.. With 3GP Photo Slideshow, you can quickly and easily produce professional-looking photo slideshow and share the slide show on your cellular phones. ANVSOFT 3GP Photo Slideshow With a few minutes of work, you'll have an eye-catching slide show complete with background music and transition effects. It supports Over 260 amazing transition effects.


Download ANVSOFT 3GP Photo Slideshow 1.12 (5.9 MB)

Voice Emotion with call recorder by Freebird $19.00
Voice Emotion with call recorder

Share music, funny talk, record calls

Voice Emotion with call recorder vEmotion is a plugin for Instant Messengers.It enables you to: 1. Set background music for voice conversations, so as to share music among you and your friends. 2. Add voice emotions (or sound effects) to your friends, bringing you even more exciting talking experience. Voice Emotion with call recorder 3. Record calls into audio files for future review and manage the call records easily. Enabled IMs include Skype, Msn, Gtalk, AIM, Yahoo Messenger and QQ.


Download Voice Emotion with call recorder (1.4 MB)

MorphVOX - Voice Changer 2.2 by Screaming Bee LLC $28.95
MorphVOX - Voice Changer

Voice Changing Fun for Online Games

MorphVOX - Voice Changer Voice changing software for online games. MorphVOX will change the way you play games and chat. Change your voice to enhance your online gaming experience or to disguise your age, gender or identity. MorphVOX - Voice Changer MorphVOX is optimized for online games, but is also is great for prank calling friends via instant messaging and VoIP. This voice changer can even send out belches and drum rolls with a push of a key, mouse or joystick button.


Download MorphVOX - Voice Changer 2.2 (2.4 MB)

Spam Manager Personal 1.19 by eon Technologies $29.95
Spam Manager Personal

Spam Manager Filters out unwanted emails

Spam Manager Personal Spam Manager effectively filters and tags unwanted junk mail messages from your POP3 or hotmail mail accounts. It uses various filtering techniques, including state-of-the-art technology that learns how to identify junk mail, while preserving your valid email messages. Spam Manager Personal After a few days' usage, Spam Manager will be able to automatically tag most junk mail messages, and you will waste less time sorting through unwanted messages.


Download Spam Manager Personal 1.19 (1 MB)

PresentaVid 1.2 by PresentaVid $99.00

PresentaVid is a video presentation editor

PresentaVid PresentaVid is a powerful video presentation editor with nice and easy interface advanced functionality. You can add remarks, notes, comments and text labels on a video, put logos and symbols to video movie, add watermarks and various graphics. PresentaVid All inserted object can be applied to video effects such as transparency, fade-in and fade-out. Really easy interface with thumbnails video mode assist to view and edit every frame of your videos.


Download PresentaVid 1.2 (7 MB)

Pamela for Skype - Standard Version 1.38a by Pamela-Systems $7.50
Pamela for Skype - Standard Version

Pamela for Skype

Pamela for Skype - Standard Version Pamela is your own Skype certified personal assistant for Skype. Pamela is a plug-in or add-on software application for Skype that adds answering machine functions that make using Skype even more fun and effective. Pamela for Skype - Standard Version Includes voice mail, auto chat reply and more! The Standard Version is targetted at the casual Skype user who is looking for an answering machine and a tool that helps make calling with Skype more effective and fun.


Download Pamela for Skype - Standard Version 1.38a (1.7 MB)

WhoisOnsite Server Edition 1.7 by WhoisOnsite.com $39.95
Pamela for Skype - Standard Version

Real time dialog with web site visitors

WhoisOnsite Server Edition WhoisOnSite is an online system that allows dialog in real-time with visitors to your Web site. Using this online chat system, visitors can engage in online dialog with the Web manager and the manager also can communicate with any visitor in automatic and manual modes. WhoisOnsite Server Edition We propose to you an effective solution that provides services similar to what exists in traditional retail trade.


Download WhoisOnsite Server Edition 1.7 (2.5 MB)

InAlbum Deluxe Edition 2.5 by IncrediTools $54.95
InAlbum Deluxe Edition

Create and share your photo album in minutes

InAlbum Deluxe Edition The fun and easy way to turn your digital photos into stunning photo album slideshows. Start with ready to use templates or custom templates which let you mix and match background animations, buttons, photo frames and transition effects. InAlbum Deluxe Edition Decorate your show with animated clipart, speech bubbles, sounds, MP3 music and voices. Save your show as DVD movie or publish to HTML, Flash, AVI, etc. Send via email or host it online for free.


Download InAlbum Deluxe Edition 2.5 (18.7 MB)

AV Voice Changer 4.0.54 by MP3TOWAV.ORG $29.95
AV Voice Changer

Change your voice over Internet and PC2Phone

AV Voice Changer AV Voice Changer


Download AV Voice Changer 4.0.54 (6.2 MB)

AV Voice Changer Software Gold Edition 4.0.54 by Avnex Ltd. $59.95
AV Voice Changer Software Gold Edition

Disguise your voice over Internet&PC Phon

AV Voice Changer Software Gold Edition Change your voice over Internet and PC Phone; Also change voice and style of music; Create many voices for movie; Record chat, phone, internet radio, music; Add effects to enhance voice or background; Compare changed voice to another's voice for simulation purpose; Play audio files in various formats including mp3, wma, wav, ogg. AV Voice Changer Software Gold Edition ..; Compatible with most instant messengers, PC phone clients, game servers, and media players.


Download AV Voice Changer Software Gold Edition 4.0.54 (7.8 MB)

AV Voice Changer Software 4.0.54 by Avnex Ltd. $29.95
AV Voice Changer Software

Change your voice over Internet and PC2Phone

AV Voice Changer Software AV Voice Changer Software


Download AV Voice Changer Software 4.0.54 (6.2 MB)

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Edition 4.0.54 by Avnex Ltd. $99.95
AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Edition

Voice disguising and simulating software

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Edition AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Edition


Download AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Edition 4.0.54 (7.9 MB)

Propaganda 1.0 by MixMeister Technology $49.95

Create your own podcasts

Propaganda You can use Propaganda software to create commercial-quality podcast shows with a minimum of effort. Record or import voice, music, sound effects and other audio sources. Reorder clips on the timeline, and edit any clip. Propaganda Mix voice recordings over background music for commercial-quality results. When you're satisfied, simply click the Publish button to upload a completed podcast to your web site, with full RSS, XML and HTML support.


Download Propaganda 1.0 (14.7 MB)

Blaze Audio Voice Cloak 1.1 by Blaze Audio $29.95
Blaze Audio Voice Cloak

A voice changer on voice over IP software

Blaze Audio Voice Cloak Want to have fun while chatting with your friends online? Now you can change your voice and add funny sound effects with Voice Cloak voice changing software. Transform your voice while instant messaging, on voice over IP (VOIP), or Net2phone. Blaze Audio Voice Cloak Compatible with all voice chat programs including Yahoo Messenger (YM), AOL IM, MSN Messenger and ICQ. Sound like a robot, change gender, pitch, add echo, chorus, play with the EQ, or add SFX.


Download Blaze Audio Voice Cloak 1.1 (2.1 MB)

Any Sound Recorder 2.93 by ANY-SOUND-RECORDER.COM $24.95
Any Sound Recorder

Record, edit and convert audio to music file

Any Sound Recorder An audio software built in recording, editing and coverting sounds to MP3, WAV, OGG popular music format file. Typically it allows you to record sound from various input sources, edit audio files as you desired by cutting, copying, pasting, trimming and various DSP effects, save audio in popular WAV/MP3/OGG music formats. Any Sound Recorder The program also supports voice activation and silence detection, track spliter smart and schedule features.


Download Any Sound Recorder 2.93 (1.4 MB)

Free Mp3 Format DLL 2.7 by Research Lab Inc $299.00
Any Sound Recorder

Convert Mp3 To Wav, Wav To Mp3 & Wav

Free Mp3 Format DLL ActiveX to convert Mp3 To Wav, Wav To Mp3 & Wav To Wav with plenty of effects and formats. Allows setting output mp3 Frequency, bit width, compression, operation mode and frequency filters. Free Mp3 Format DLL Wave Settings allow channel selection, amplification and more than 30 output audio formats. Sound Exchange allows compressions like GSM, uLaw, alaw and also allows audio effects like echo, reverse, cut, fader and swap. All this right on your right click.


Download Free Mp3 Format DLL 2.7 (730.1 KB)

Blaze Audio Overdub! 1.0 by Blaze Audio $29.95
Blaze Audio Overdub!

Multitrack Recorder and Sound Mixer

Blaze Audio Overdub! Record Voiceovers or overdub tracks quickly and easily. Create your own soundtracks, advertisements, and Voiceovers with Overdub! Multitrack recording, mixing, and remixing with complete control over final mix. Blaze Audio Overdub! Set your punch in and punch out markers to record exactly where you want. Digital audio production, fully integrated with RipEditBurn! Multi-track recorder and sound editor for home studio recording.


Download Blaze Audio Overdub! 1.0 (1.6 MB)

Blaze Audio VoiceSFX 1.3 by Blaze Audio $9.95
Blaze Audio VoiceSFX

Create your own sound effects and do fun thin

Blaze Audio VoiceSFX VoiceSFX is an innovative program designed to let you record sounds from your own voice, then apply special effects like Helium Breath, Slow Monster, Fade, and Echo to create crazy sound effects. Blaze Audio VoiceSFX You can also capture sound from any source your computer supports (microphone, line-in, CD, etc.) and then distort it into something wildly weird and different. Save and easily export your creations to MP3 and send them to your friends or burn to CD.


Download Blaze Audio VoiceSFX 1.3 (2.5 MB)

PhotoKit 1.2.4 by Pixel Genius, LLC $49.95

PhotoKit is an Adobe Photoshop plug-in

PhotoKit PhotoKit is an Adobe Photoshop plug-in providing effects that offer accurate digital replications of analog photographic effects. PhotoKit’s image enhancements and adjustments are designed to work in a way familiar to photographers. PhotoKit A simple dialog calls up the PhotoKit tool sets, where you can easily select the desired image effect, and let PhotoKit do the work and greatly improve your digital photography workflow.


Download PhotoKit 1.2.4 (1.3 MB)

Trusted Messenger 2.7 by NotePage, Inc. $14.95
Trusted Messenger

Network instant messaging software

Trusted Messenger Real time instant messaging software designed for business use. Trusted Messenger is a peer to peer application, that allows network users to communicate in a fast effective manner, without the the delays associated with email. Trusted Messenger Trusted Messenger's intuitive design and ease of use, make it popular with staff. Individual users can customize the look and feel by selecting from a variety of predefined skins (icons.


Download Trusted Messenger 2.7 (1 MB)

Horsepower Lab 2D 0.96 by Horsepower Lab Software $55.00
Horsepower Lab 2D

Package for 2D CFD on local restrictions

Horsepower Lab 2D Package for numerical computation of compressible flows through local flow restrictions. It determines pressure losses and discharge coefficients with account for compressibility effects, for flows at high Reynolds (Re) number and for restriction shapes restricted to 2D. Horsepower Lab 2D More accurate results are for restrictions with "geometrically" induced flow separation, i.e. where more or less sudden flow contraction/expansion occurs.


Download Horsepower Lab 2D 0.96 (549.5 KB)

Cats SCR by Voice-Talented 1.0 by Voice-Talented $0.00
Cats SCR by Voice-Talented

cat saver with 30 transitional effects &

Cats SCR by Voice-Talented Cats screensaver (careware) with 32 pictures as a slideshow with 30 transitional display effects and 3 midi sound files for background music. Cats SCR by Voice-Talented Works on all Window versions.


Download Cats SCR by Voice-Talented 1.0 (2.9 MB)

HiDialer 2000 PRO 3.2.19 build 11 by K&G Software Group $34.95
HiDialer 2000 PRO

Forget about Internet connectivity problems

HiDialer 2000 PRO Finding and installing connectivity software may take a lot of time. Needless to say purchasing several solutions from different vendors will surely cost you much. Introducing HiDialer 2000, the unique, feature-packed connectivity software intended to take your connection headaches away bringing order to information havoc. HiDialer 2000 PRO Available in standard and professional versions, the program provides cost-effective licensing for individuals and companies.


Download HiDialer 2000 PRO 3.2.19 build 11 (812.9 KB)

BackFlip 5.0 by fCoder Group International $19.00

Create and cycle masterpiece wallpapers

BackFlip BackFlip allows you to create unique wallpapers by applying one of six effects to image. BackFlip automatically gets wallpaper images not only from hard drive, any removable drive, CD-ROM or local network, but even from Internet. BackFlip It cycles wallpaper at any interval you choose (from once a second to once a year). Six effects automatically applicable to image (autocontrast; grayscale; negative; emboss; blur and sharpen). 26 image formats supported.


Download BackFlip 5.0 (1.8 MB)

honestech Photo DVD 2.0 by Honest Technology $39.00
honestech Photo DVD

Create lasting video from photos or pictures

honestech Photo DVD honestech Photo DVD is the perfect tool for the digital camera user who wants to create video slide shows with background music, voice over and transitional effects. honestech Photo DVD DVD, SVCD, VCD and mini DVD formats are supported. Sharing MPEG, AVI, DV-AVI and WMV files via e-mail with family and friends is a snap.


Download honestech Photo DVD 2.0 (14 MB)


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