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HTTP sniffer, packet analyzer, content rebuilder and http traffic monitor

HttpDetect (EffeTech HTTP Sniffer) 3.6 by EffeTech Sniffer $29.95
HttpDetect (EffeTech HTTP Sniffer)

HTTP sniffer, packet analyzer and rebuilder

HttpDetect (EffeTech HTTP Sniffer) A HTTP protocol network sniffer, packet analyzer and file rebuilder. Unlike most other sniffers, it is dedicated to capture IP packets containing HTTP protocol, rebuild and save the HTTP communications and files sent through HTTP protocol. HttpDetect (EffeTech HTTP Sniffer) It is a helpful tool for company manager, parents, LAN administrators, security professionals to supervise the web access and HTTP traffic on the LAN.


Download HttpDetect (EffeTech HTTP Sniffer) 3.6 (1.4 MB)


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