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Secure Internet Communication Program (VoIP and Chat) and Audio Stream Player

WhMic 5.1 by WhmSoft $0.00
X360 Tiff Image & Fax Viewer ActiveX Control

Secure Internet Communication Program

WhMic End-to-end secure internet VoIP and chat, audio stream player program. WhMic is a multimedia program running on Windows whose purposes are: - The treatment of voice in order to enhance its quality and to facilitate its detection. WhMic - The bi-directional communication and the diffusion of voice, music and messages using TCP/IP. - The playing and the recording of voice and music. - The generation of signals and noises in the audio domain.


Download WhMic 5.1 (1.4 MB)

Frequency Analyzer 2.0 by Reliable Software $0.00
Frequency Analyzer

View sound frequencies in real time window

Frequency Analyzer Whistle a melody and watch this program graph the pitch in real time. The Frequency Analyzer technically speaking performs a Fast Fourier Transform of the sound. Frequency Analyzer What it means is that it analyzes your voice and splits it into its component frequencies. Watch patterns of speech, the harmonics of vowels and the noise of sibilants. The size of the program is only 64k! (zipped 32k.


Download Frequency Analyzer 2.0 (73.9 KB)


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