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Put your favorite videos on iPod/PSP/3GP device

AoA iPod/PSP/3GP/MP4 Converter 2.0.0 by AoA iPod/PSP/3GP/MP4 Converter $24.95
AoA iPod/PSP/3GP/MP4 Converter

Put your favorite videos on iPod/PSP/Mobile

AoA iPod/PSP/3GP/MP4 Converter AoA iPod/PSP/3GP/MP4 Converter converts your videos quickly and easily into a format that MP4 player or your portable device (Sony PSP, Apple iPod Video, 3G cell phone, MP4 Player. AoA iPod/PSP/3GP/MP4 Converter ..) can play. You can convert almost all video formats, e.g. AVI (DivX, XviD...), MOV (QuickTime), MPEG (MPEG-1, MPEG-2), MPG, WMV/ASF, WMA, DAT, MP4, 3GP.


Download AoA iPod/PSP/3GP/MP4 Converter 2.0.0 (5.1 MB)

WHOS-IN Pro In-Out Board 2006-04B by Hudson Software $8.00
WHOS-IN Pro In-Out Board

A professional LAN based in-out board

WHOS-IN Pro In-Out Board WHOS-IN Pro is an easy to use Windows in-out board program for businesses that need to keep track of who's in and who's out of the office. WHOS-IN Pro In-Out Board With WHOS-IN there is no more time wasted checking a wall-mounted Office Board to see if someone is In, Out, or at Lunch... all the information you need is presented on screen in an easy to read format.


Download WHOS-IN Pro In-Out Board 2006-04B (3.8 MB)

EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard 3.0 by YIWO Tech Ltd $69.00
EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard

Real software for hard disk data recovery

EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard is a complete range of data recovery software for all Windows platforms and supports Undelete, Unformat from various file systems including FAT, FAT16, VFAT, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 on various storage media. EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Data Recovery Wizard ensures safe and precise file recovery against numerous threats like accidental file deletion and disk formatting and so on.


Download EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard 3.0 (4.5 MB)

DataBull - download stock quotes 2.3.3 by USEC International $120.00
DataBull - download stock quotes

Download stock quotes

DataBull - download stock quotes DataBull is a comprehensive downloader for historical, end-of-day and intraday data from over 50 international exchanges. DataBull directly passes the data into your TA-software. DataBull - download stock quotes DataBull writes the data automatically and directly to your TA-software without using other data converters. DataBull produces data output in MetaStock-format, .PRN-format, ASCII-format and Excel. This makes DataBull compatible with most TA-software.


Download DataBull - download stock quotes 2.3.3 (10.3 MB)

Audio Converter 8.20 by FlyWing Inc $24.95
Audio Converter

A powerful audio conversion tools

Audio Converter Audio Converter is a powerful audio conversion tool. It can batch convert audio files from one format to another. Audio Converter It supports format include WAV, MP3, OGG,WMA(Windows Media Audio), RAW, VOX,CCIUT u-Law, PCM, MPC(MPEG plus/MusePack), MP2 (MPEG 1 Layer 2), ADPCM, CCUIT A-LAW, AIFC, DSP, GSM, CCUIT G721, CCUIT G723, CCUIT G726 and more.


Download Audio Converter 8.20 (6.6 MB)

CodeWorker 4.1.2 by Cedric Lemaire $0.00

Scripting language for generative programming

CodeWorker A scripting language for producing reusable, tailor-made, evolvable and reliable IT systems with a high level of automation. This is a software engineering approach called "generative programming". CodeWorker The most remarkable advantage is about generating source code automatically after restricting human interventions to the essentials. An extended BNF syntax allows defining new Domain-Specific languages or parsing existing format.


Download CodeWorker 4.1.2 (638.2 KB)

ABC Amber Nokia Converter 1.03 by ProcessText Group $0.00
ABC Amber Nokia Converter

Useful VMG converter to any document format

ABC Amber Nokia Converter Useful tool that converts your VMG files to many document formats (PDF, MS Word, HTML, RTF, TXT and others). All you have to do is select the messages to convert, choose the desired document format and click a button to save the message(s) in the new format. ABC Amber Nokia Converter You can choose to convert and export single messages, or multiple, combining them all into a single file.


Download ABC Amber Nokia Converter 1.03 (1.4 MB)

BPS Audio Converter Pro by Bullet Proof Soft $29.00
BPS Audio Converter Pro

Convert All audio formats from one to another

BPS Audio Converter Pro Convert between all audio file types easily from one format to another with all possible settings. Audio Converter Pro, is a must have utility, indispensable for converting audio files from one format to another directly from Explorer with ID3v2 Tag and new Mp3 (Lame) support. BPS Audio Converter Pro Audio Converter Pro can convert (from & to) WAV PCM, MP3, WMA, ALF2, ADPCM, GSM, G.726, DSP, A-LAW, ACM, U-LAW, VOX, RAW (PCM, A-LAW, U-LAW), Ogg Vorbis, CDA files.


Download BPS Audio Converter Pro (13.8 MB)

Able Fax Tif View 1.6 by GraphicRegion.com $29.95
Able Fax Tif View

Able Fax Tif View is a fax and tiff viewer

Able Fax Tif View Able Fax Tif View is a FAX and TIFF viewer, editor and converter, offers you a full solution for viewing, editing, printing, saving, converting. Able Fax Tif View can convert FAX and TIFF files to standard TIFF/FAX format, jpeg, png, bmp, pcx, gif, dib, rle, tga, pdf, ps, eps and more. Able Fax Tif View Able Fax Tif View can edit loaded images: extract, move, insert, delete, rotate, flip, invert pages, remove noise, deskewing image, color adjust, add margins.


Download Able Fax Tif View 1.6 (3.1 MB)

Alvas.Audio 3.0 by Alvas.Net $295.00

Controls for C# and VB.Net developers

Alvas.Audio Alvas.Audio is a collection of 100% native CLR compliant controls written in C#. The collection allows C# and VB.Net developers to create applications that play and record sound. Easy-to-use. Alvas.Audio Package contains: Player - plays sound in popular format: *.mp3, *.wav, etc. RecorderEx - records sound in the following formats: PCM, IMA ADPCM, Microsoft ADPCM, CCITT A-Law, CCITT u-Law, GSM 6.10, Windows Media Audio V2, MPEG Layer-3 (mp3) and other.


Download Alvas.Audio 3.0 (249.6 KB)

Allok MP3 WAV Converter 1.1.0 by Allok Soft Inc. $19.00
Allok MP3 WAV Converter

MP3, WAV( PCM,DSP,GSM,ADPCM ) audio converter

Allok MP3 WAV Converter Allok MP3 WAV Converter is designed to meet all your needs of convert audio file between MP3, WAV( PCM, DSP, GSM, ADPCM ), WMA, MP2, OGG formats. The main features include: Batch convert all supported formats to another format; copy or edit ID3 tag between all formats; playback audio files with its built-in player. Allok MP3 WAV Converter Very quick in conversion speed and no quality is lost.


Download Allok MP3 WAV Converter 1.1.0 (6.3 MB)

Allok WMA MP3 Converter 1.1.0 by Allok Soft Inc. $19.00
Allok WMA MP3 Converter

WMA MP3 WAV MP2 OGG MP2 audio Converter

Allok WMA MP3 Converter Allok WMA MP3 Converter is a super and ease-to-use tool that directly converts audio format MP3, WAV( PCM, DSP, GSM, ADPCM ), WMA, MP2, OGG from one format to another format. Allok WMA MP3 Converter The very user-firenldy and easy-to-use interface lets you easily convert audio files in batch regardless of their source formats and target formats. Allok MP3 WAV Converter also supports playback with its built-in player.


Download Allok WMA MP3 Converter 1.1.0 (6.3 MB)

Auvisoft Audio Converter 1.20 by Auvisoft, Inc. $29.95
Auvisoft Audio Converter

Converts audio files

Auvisoft Audio Converter Auvisoft Audio Converter converts audio formats AAC, ADPCM, Dolby Digital AC-3, GSM, MP2, MP3, OGG, VOX, WAV, WMA from one to another, such as converting MP3 to WAV and WMA, WAV to MP3 and WMA. Auvisoft Audio Converter Auvisoft Audio Converter supports the ability to convert one audio format to the same format with different audio-encoding parameters such as resampling, tag information and bit rate.


Download Auvisoft Audio Converter 1.20 (6.6 MB)

KaraFun Karaoke Player 1.01 by RECISIO $0.00
KaraFun Karaoke Player

Free KAR CDG KFN karaoke player with editor

KaraFun Karaoke Player KaraFun offers a complete free solution for home karaoke. Record your voice and control pitch and tempo over MP3 and MIDI files! This karaoke software contains an easy to use editor which can import many existing karaoke songs. KaraFun Karaoke Player Even if KaraFun is supporting midi KAR and CDG files, it is also designed to work with MP3 files or other digital format. KaraFun also introduces the new KFN file format. The editor allows to build unique and funny karaoke.


Download KaraFun Karaoke Player 1.01 (4.3 MB)

BarbusLab MobiDB 2.0.3 by BarbusLab $49.90
BarbusLab MobiDB

Make an application for your mobile phone

BarbusLab MobiDB The BarbusLab MobiDB is designed to create applications for mobile devices. To create such applications (midlets) you will not require knowledge of programming languages. Just enter the necessary information into the database of the program, and BarbusLab MobiDB will create ready to use application for your java-enabled phone. BarbusLab MobiDB The program ideally suits for creation of every possible catalogues, reference books, tables, sets of information notes.


Download BarbusLab MobiDB 2.0.3 (15.3 MB)

MP3 To Ringtone 1.28 by AnMing $19.95
MP3 To Ringtone

mp3 to ringtone,mp3 to mmf ,convert mp3 to ri

MP3 To Ringtone MP3 To Ringtone is an ringtone converter. It can be used to convert the popular compressed audio formats (.mp3) to ringtone format(.mmf,.mp3,.wav) and burn mp3s to cd or as a cd ripper. MP3 To Ringtone It can be used to rip multiple audio CDs at once.It also can be used to convert mp3s to small size.You can save any part of your favorate mp3 to ringtone format. 64MB mp3 mobile phone support more than 250 songs.


Download MP3 To Ringtone 1.28 (2.2 MB)

Image.InfoCards Viewer 2.1 by Isomeris $0.00
Image.InfoCards Viewer

View embedded IIC image meta-data on pictures

Image.InfoCards Viewer Use IIC Viewer to access all types of information and meta-data previously embedded in pictures using Image.InfoCards (IIC) technology. Image.InfoCards is 100% transparent to applications. Image.InfoCards Viewer You can embed your memos, data cards, copyright information and even your business card! Organize your collection, build databases, promote your work. Just imagine the endless possibilities. Your images can have their own memory.


Download Image.InfoCards Viewer 2.1 (434 KB)

Text To Wave ActiveX Server DLL 1.6 by Research Lab Inc $299.00
Image.InfoCards Viewer

Converts text to wave files

Text To Wave ActiveX Server DLL Text To Wave ActiveX DLL allows programmers to convert any readable text to a spoken wave file or a mp3 file . Text To Wave ActiveX Server DLL Ouputs 80+ wave formats XML scripting, ASP Server-Side Scripting for high quality wave production for your web or telephony project.


Download Text To Wave ActiveX Server DLL 1.6 (9.2 MB)

Free Mp3 Format DLL 2.7 by Research Lab Inc $299.00
Image.InfoCards Viewer

Convert Mp3 To Wav, Wav To Mp3 & Wav

Free Mp3 Format DLL ActiveX to convert Mp3 To Wav, Wav To Mp3 & Wav To Wav with plenty of effects and formats. Allows setting output mp3 Frequency, bit width, compression, operation mode and frequency filters. Free Mp3 Format DLL Wave Settings allow channel selection, amplification and more than 30 output audio formats. Sound Exchange allows compressions like GSM, uLaw, alaw and also allows audio effects like echo, reverse, cut, fader and swap. All this right on your right click.


Download Free Mp3 Format DLL 2.7 (730.1 KB)

OSS Audio Converter Pro by One Stop Soft $34.00
OSS Audio Converter Pro

Convert audio formats record audio

OSS Audio Converter Pro Converts audio formats from one to another, extract audio from video or record audio to HD. Audio Converter Pro is indispensable for converting audio files from one format to another directly with ID3v2 Tag editing and new Mp3 (Lame) support. OSS Audio Converter Pro Converts (to and from) WAV PCM, CDA, MP3, WMA, ALF2, ADPCM, GSM, G.726, DSP, A-LAW, ACM, U-LAW, PCM, Ogg Vorbis files. Converts from(AVI,MPEG,WMV,ASF)to(MP3,WAV,OGG,WMA.


Download OSS Audio Converter Pro (21.6 MB)

Quick Ringtone 1.01 by LightThoughts Software Inc. $29.95
Quick Ringtone

Convert audio to mobile phone ringtone

Quick Ringtone Quick Ringtone is an EASY TO USE Tool that can convert audio to mobile phone ringtone. Currently it can only convert ringtones between MIDI, RTTTL, MOTO Composer, eMelody and iMelody code. Quick Ringtone Quick Ringtone can also convert these to Screen-Show format and Key-Press format for some special model cell phones.


Download Quick Ringtone 1.01 (1.3 MB)

fdf-Converter 2.6 by UNIVERSE Software GmbH $96.00

convert FDF-files to other data formats

fdf-Converter fdf-Converter bietet Ihnen die sehr einfache Möglichkeit, eine bestehende FDF-Datei in ein für andere Applikationen wie Excel oder Access lesbares Format auszugeben. Einfach die gewünsche FDF-Datei im Programm fdf-Converter anklicken und die Ausgabedatei wählen. fdf-Converter fdf-Converter zeigt Ihnen nicht nur in einer übersichtlich Tabelle alle eingelesenen Felder an, Sie haben zusätzlich die Möglichkeit, die zum Beispiel in der Excel Tabelle gewünschte.


Download fdf-Converter 2.6 (14.3 MB)

CDMaster32 by Zittware $30.00

MP3 to AudioCD,CD to MP3,MP3 to WAV

CDMaster32 * Burn those MP3s, MOD, & Vorbis Files to AudioCD! * Convert, Normalize, and Enhance any supported file format. (MP3, Vorbis, MOD, WAV) * Convert Copy Protected WMA files to supported file formats. CDMaster32 * CD ripping (MP3, WAV, OGG). * Record CDs to Audio Tape. * Easily Create CD Labels for any CD.


Download CDMaster32 (5.3 MB)

P2P VoIp 1.1 by Ivan Sorokin $0.00
P2P VoIp

Conversation in a local network

P2P VoIp The program is used for conversation in a local network. The voice packages are transmitted in a format GSM6.10. Voice packages and service information use one and the same UDP port: 4444. P2P VoIp The program works without Server. Mixer allows to control sensitivity of a microphone and loudness of speaker. Simultaneous work with 5 clients. The program is distributed with the source code.


Download P2P VoIp 1.1 (684 KB)

Scrub DNC 1.1.3 by The Joseph Company $299.00
Scrub DNC

Removes Do-Not-Call numbers from Call List

Scrub DNC Scrub DNC is a windows-based software solution capable of removing the phone numbers contained in a “do not call” list from any desired list of phone numbers. Unlike other list scrubbing methods, it requires no knowledge of list formatting, database software, or programming languages to use. Scrub DNC With Scrub DNC, scrubbing lists in virtually any standard format even with phone numbers in different formats is now a quick and painless process.


Download Scrub DNC 1.1.3 (399.6 KB)


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