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Download photos / images / picture from ALL of your MSN Groups IN ONE CLICK

MSN Group Downloader 1.1 by Groupfetch $19.95
MSN Group Downloader

Download photo / picture from your MSN Groups

MSN Group Downloader MSN Group Downloader


Download MSN Group Downloader 1.1 (1.2 MB)

Callstorm 2.0 by Surfsimple Technologies $9.95
MSN Group Downloader

Type in a message, it's converted to speech

Callstorm Rapid Mobilization: You can type in a message, it's converted to speech and sent to 1 or 1,000,000 telephones in an hour! Great for alerts, notifications, reminder messages to yourself, announcements, invitations, and more. Callstorm Multi-language. Easy-to-use, automatic call retry for busy signals, leaves a complete message on an answering machine. Complete call logging and reporting. Ability to share groups and contacts with other subscribers.


Download Callstorm 2.0 (3.8 MB)


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