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Lightweight HTTP server and server side script engine for serial communications

EzCom2Web 2.4 by Cosmin Buhu $24.99
Attachments Processor for Outlook

Web server/script engine for serial comm

EzCom2Web Lightweight HTTP server and a script engine (like PHP or ASP) in one application . It is a very good tool to control a device connected on a remote PC serial port with a web browser. EzCom2Web You can build a complete web interface for your RS232 device, for example for a home automation box, a remote camera, a ham radio, writing html and script pages. The script code is executed by the internal script engine, so is very fast. PHP integration.


Download EzCom2Web 2.4 (668.1 KB)

MorseTest 1.3 by G4ILO Software $0.00

Contest-like Morse practise game

MorseTest MorseTest is a program to help radio hams improve their Morse receiving skills. Modelled on a contest, the aim is to correctly copy as many calls and serial numbers as you can. MorseTest It's one of the best ways to improve your code receiving speed.


Download MorseTest 1.3 (584.4 KB)

PHP serial extension 1.0 by Cosmin Buhu $32.00
PHP serial extension

PHP serial extension

PHP serial extension This is a loadable extension for PHP running on Windows implementing serial port handling and communications. PHP serial extension Once installed in PHP environment you can programm PHP applications to control serial device hosted on server from remote location; these devices can be anything from video switcher, cameras pan/tilt, ham radios, media players, home automation boxes, GSM modems/terminals (send/receive SMS), only your imagination and needs are the limits.


Download PHP serial extension 1.0 (227.8 KB)


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