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Convert VB6 project to source files MS VC++, CS, Borland Builder, Delphi, VBNET

VBto Converter 2.05 by StressSoft Company Ltd. $169.00
VBto Converter

Convert VB project to VC++, C#, Delphi, VBNET

VBto Converter Software for converting MS Visual Basic 6.0 project (including source code) to resource, source files and project MS VC++, MS VB. VBto Converter NET, MS C#.NET, Borland C++ Builder, Borland Delphi. VBto Converter create or update any project.


Download VBto Converter 2.05 (2.4 MB)

MapInfo Callbacks Manager 2.0 by microOLAP Technologies LTD $49.95
VBto Converter

MapInfo Callbacks Manager ActiveX

MapInfo Callbacks Manager MapInfo Callbacks Manager is the ready-to-use ActiveX Control solution which allows to implement MapInfo Callbacks in your application. It saves your time, as you would have to (1) place ActiveX Control on a form, (2) bind it with MapInfo and (3) write your own event handlers. MapInfo Callbacks Manager This is enough to organize information interchange between MapInfo and your client program by callbacks.


Download MapInfo Callbacks Manager 2.0 (633.8 KB)

Raster Handler for ERDAS Imagine to MapInfo 1.0 by microOLAP Technologies LTD $99.95
Raster Handler for ERDAS Imagine to MapInfo

Raster Handler for ERDAS Imagine to MapInfo

Raster Handler for ERDAS Imagine to MapInfo Allows to display and register rasters of ERDAS Imagine (*.IMG files) in MapInfo. Georeferenced *.IMG images will be displayed directly in MapInfo Professional, MapX, and MapXtreme environments. Raster Handler for ERDAS Imagine to MapInfo For free: img2tab utility - creates *.TAB file for each *.IMG file in batch mode. MapInfo Table is created automatically and then can be used to open the geo-referenced raster image. Erdasreg.mbx - opens *.IMG and registers it on-fly.


Download Raster Handler for ERDAS Imagine to MapInfo 1.0 (1 MB)

LizaJet Installer for Delphi Developers 1.2. by LizaJet $0.00
LizaJet Installer for Delphi Developers

Finally, the installer you were waiting for

LizaJet Installer for Delphi Developers Contains everything a Delphi Developer expects from a professional Installer. Enjoy the integrated Object Pascal Scripting language and Studio. Installer inheritance, download on demand, integrated automatic upgrade, wizards, Dialog templates and designer, Editor, Debugger, event handlers, properties. LizaJet Installer for Delphi Developers Independent of Windows and Internet Explorer. Version Manager, internationalizing, digital signing, API , DLL, ActiveX controls, COM etc, etc.


Download LizaJet Installer for Delphi Developers 1.2. (6.7 MB)

Proxy Workbench 1.2 by tcpIQ / Sigma Solutions $150.00
Proxy Workbench

A unique proxy server that displays its data

Proxy Workbench Proxy Workbench is a unique proxy server ideal for developers, trainers and security experts that displays its data in real-time. You can actually see the data flowing between your e-mail client and the e-mail server, web browser and web server or even analyse FTP in both Passive and Active modes. Proxy Workbench In addition, the 'pass through' protocol handler enables analysis of protocols where the server does not readily change.


Download Proxy Workbench 1.2 (6 MB)


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