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Extract targeted business fax numbers from the internet for use in fax broadcast

Fax Harvester 1.13 by Arkysoft LLC $39.00
Fax Harvester

Extract targeted fax numbers from the Net

Fax Harvester Arkysoft.com FAX Harvester provides the capability to gather business fax numbers from the internet. No need to ever purchase fax number lists again. Broadcast faxing is extremely profitable and now, with Fax Harvester, it is extremely inexpensive. Fax Harvester You can gather thousands of targeted fax numbers in minutes. Search by area code or target your audience by keywords. Fax Harvester pays for itself the first time you use it.


Download Fax Harvester 1.13 (4.7 MB)

WildSnake Puzzle: Harvest Lines 1.10 by WildSnake Software $19.95
WildSnake Puzzle: Harvest Lines

Fun puzzle game with clay styled graphics

WildSnake Puzzle: Harvest Lines New twist of a great classic idea. Lineup 5 or more similar pieces on the hexagonal playfield. Challenging game play, original clay styled graphics, fun characters, music, speech and sound effects. WildSnake Puzzle: Harvest Lines Two different addicting game modes. Take your coffee break with this perfection of the puzzle genre. Free demo available.


Download WildSnake Puzzle: Harvest Lines 1.10 (6.5 MB)


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