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Rapid prototyping and development Tool for building SNMP, TL1, and CLI Agents

AdventNet Agent Toolkit C Edition 6 by AdventNet Inc. $1000.00
AdventNet Agent Toolkit C Edition

To develop SNMP, TL1, and CLI Agents

AdventNet Agent Toolkit C Edition AdventNet Agent Toolkit C Edition is a rapid prototyping and development tool to build SNMP (SNMP v1, SNMP v2c and SNMP V3) agent, TL1 agent, and CLI agent in ANSI C. AdventNet Agent Toolkit C Edition It helps network engineers and telecom application developers to create standalone or multi-protocol agents with SNMP, TL1, CLI and HTTP support based on application requirements.


Download AdventNet Agent Toolkit C Edition 6 (42.4 MB)

HTMLSqueeze by Mindwarp Consultancy Ltd $0.00

HTMLSqueeze HTML compress optimize files web

HTMLSqueeze It's a command line utility to compress / optimize web pages. HTMLSqueeze The power behind HTMLSqueeze is that if you are building a web site on a local intranet, perhaps using ASP (Active Server Pages) you can pass the URL into HTMLSqueeze along with a parameter, determining the type of compression; then if you add calls for each page in your web site to a batch file, HTMLSqueeze shows is true power.


Download HTMLSqueeze (1.1 MB)

ABC Amber Nokia Converter 1.03 by ProcessText Group $0.00
ABC Amber Nokia Converter

Useful VMG converter to any document format

ABC Amber Nokia Converter Useful tool that converts your VMG files to many document formats (PDF, MS Word, HTML, RTF, TXT and others). All you have to do is select the messages to convert, choose the desired document format and click a button to save the message(s) in the new format. ABC Amber Nokia Converter You can choose to convert and export single messages, or multiple, combining them all into a single file.


Download ABC Amber Nokia Converter 1.03 (1.4 MB)

AutoPrint Pro 1.4 by CGI Systems $79.00
AutoPrint Pro

Automatically batch print many file types

AutoPrint Pro Automatically batch print many file types from one application. AutoPrint Pro supports multiple input directories, and multiple printers. AutoPrint Pro is the award winning Windows printing utility. AutoPrint Pro It is a self contained application, which does not 'shell out' to other applications to do the real work. This makes AutoPrint the most reliable utility of its kind, suitable for processing thousands of files daily.


Download AutoPrint Pro 1.4 (1.8 MB)

Auora Website 5.1 by Framewood Technologies $39.95
Auora Website

Flash website templates and edit software

Auora Website No need to be a computer expert or buy expensive website software to create your own Flash website. With Auora Website you get 4 Flash website templates with 3 themes each, that is 12 different styles! plus you get an 'easy-to-use' software where you can change themes, background colors, change the music or record a voice over, replace images with your own or use the special screen capture feature. Auora Website Change main text font, color, size and more.


Download Auora Website 5.1 (5.5 MB)

Registry Jumper 2.0 by Eolsoft $0.00
Registry Jumper

Regedit companion for registry navigation

Registry Jumper Registry Jumper is a small and simple utility that enables you to quickly jump to a specific registry path, without having to navigate there with RegEdit. It also supports command-line launching and can handle custom protocol calls (regjump://) to launch RegEdit from URLs. Registry Jumper Additionally, Registry Jumper allows to add the most frequently used registry locations to Favorites, organize them, and export to HTML format.


Download Registry Jumper 2.0 (98.7 KB)

File Monitor 1 by Lowes Technologies Consulting $24.99
Registry Jumper

File monitoring made easy

File Monitor LTC File Monitor software allows you to compare a local file with a remote file easily. This can be over any network connection. The software is designed to verify web page content at the binary level. File Monitor This helps protect and detect when your page content is changed. The software uses your SMTP server to send text emails to your email enabled cell phone, pager, and your Inbox. -Select local files to verify against remote files.


Download File Monitor 1 (1.9 MB)

HTML Map Designer Pro 2.22 by ForthTech Software $23.00
HTML Map Designer Pro

Map Designer is an Image Mapping Utility

HTML Map Designer Pro Map Designer is a powerful utility to simplify creation of image maps (images having many clickable areas on your WEB pages). It takes just a moment to create your own hypergraphic image! Built-in easy-to-use HTML editor helps you to manage an obtained html code. HTML Map Designer Pro Features: - BMP, JPEG, GIF and PNG graphic formats are supported - Tags and events: ALT, TARGET, OnMouseOver, OnMouseOut are supported - Ability to make area of any form you want.


Download HTML Map Designer Pro 2.22 (1 MB)

SuperMailer 3.88 by Mirko Boeer $19.95

SuperMailer can send serial mails

SuperMailer This software can send personalized serial mails (for newsletters, marketing campaigns etc.) as plaintext or HTML (with WYSIWYG editor) with attachments using up to 10 threads simultaneous. SuperMailer It is managing the recipients of the message, the email content and the attachments as projects so you can reuse it. It uses a SMTP server, Microsoft Outlook or a MAPI capable client to send emails.


Download SuperMailer 3.88 (3.5 MB)

! Custom Addressbook 4.5 by Freebyte $19.95
! Custom Addressbook

Intuitive, flexible, and small addressbook

! Custom Addressbook Intuitive, powerful, small, and extremely flexible Address Management program; unique, among the many apparently similar programs, in that it enables you to define your own addressbook fields and categories. ! Custom Addressbook Also: encryption, password protection, search (with various options), built-in backup, import from CSV; export to CSV, XML, HTML, TXT; auto-dial, active URLs, minimize to tray, run from floppy, XML, CSV, Asian fonts, Windows XP themes, etc.


Download ! Custom Addressbook 4.5 (967.7 KB)

Link Exchange Manager 1.26 by Accelerated Software $79.95
Link Exchange Manager

Manage & check your reciprocal links page

Link Exchange Manager Link Exchange Manager is a software program that manages your website's links pages. It is a time-saving way to reduce HTML coding and manual scanning for reciprocal links and dead links on your link partners websites. Link Exchange Manager Link Exchange Manager is perfect for managing an organized links page, or a resource directory, and you can send off link request emails to website prospects. Also called link swapping, its a great way to increase google page rank.


Download Link Exchange Manager 1.26 (4.7 MB)

WebTalker.net by Tometa Software, Inc. $79.95

Record & publish audio to flash, html and

WebTalker.net WebTalker.net allows you to record, playback, and publish to flash and HTML your voice or any MP3 in 3 easy steps. It creates a simple button that your users or friends can click and listen to instantly. WebTalker.net Unlimited use, no monthly fees, and one click publishing of your files to the internet. No players or plugins required to playback! WebTalker.net utilizes Flash technology which allows over 98% of web surfers to play your audio automatically.


Download WebTalker.net (3.5 MB)

WebWatch 3.16 by Frank Aluttis Softwareentwicklung $0.00

This is a powerful tool to watch/control the

WebWatch This WebWatch program is a powerful tool to watch/control the reachability of your webserver. WebWatch is a http(s) / ftp monitor that continuously monitors webserver availability and performance. WebWatch In the event of network errors, WebWatch can alert the network administrator by net send, email, cell phone, etc. before problems get seriously out of hand. This helps protect your companys data and reduces the likelihood of costly network failure.


Download WebWatch 3.16 (447 KB)

PpSort+ 2.0 by www.ParentPresent.org $0.00

Sort, [Convert: Html, Text, HEX], Text2speech

PpSort+ PpSort+


Download PpSort+ 2.0 (593.7 KB)

Web Sergeant 2005 by FieldCraft $54.00

Build robust web menus & generate keyword

Web Sergeant Build web menus that will work in almost any browser under any circomstances. Web Sergeant assembles pure CSS menus to your requirements that are scriptless and need no plug-ins to function. Web Sergeant Web Sergeant's pure CSS web menus will NOT break your CSS validation nor will they break your HTML validation. Web Sergeant only uses validated, standards-compliant mark-up. Web Sergeant also generates keywords and descriptions for each page you upgrade.


Download Web Sergeant 2005 (4 MB)

Grab Text 4.3 by GrabText.com $29.95
Grab Text

Converts virtually anything to editable text

Grab Text Have you noticed that what we perceive as text can be virtually anything in computers world? There are text symbols displayed using various fonts, images depicting single characters, words, phrases or even paragraphs of text and dialog windows that display some text that cannot be copied. Grab Text If we only need to view messages written using these techniques - it is OK: our eyes do the job well. When you need to copy or edit it - Grab Text is for you.


Download Grab Text 4.3 (420.9 KB)

Dialogoo 2.05 by Proxymis Multimedia $29.90

Chat in Flash for your site with admin tools

Dialogoo Add a free customized, flash Chat for your website just by pasting 1 line of HTML code. The messenger like software allows you to administrate your chat as a moderator. Dialogoo Get full moderator features like: Real time alerts when someone enters the chat,Kicks,HTML web pages opening,statistics and more.


Download Dialogoo 2.05 (859.3 KB)

eTextWizard 1.98 by GuohuaSoft $49.00

chm help maker and other text tools

eTextWizard eTextWizard is an ebook maker: a quick .chm maker/.hlp maker and many other text convert tools. Html to Chm: Convert html to CHM html help file or ebook. Text to CHM: Convert text to CHM html help file or ebook. eTextWizard Text to Win help: Convert text to Win help file or ebook. Html to Text: Convert html to plain text file. Text to HTML: Convert plain Text to HTML quickly (Support user-defined html module.


Download eTextWizard 1.98 (3.5 MB)

ODBC View 3.1.0 by SLIK Software Ltd $0.00

Free SQL query tool to view and export data

ODBC View ODBCView is a free SQL query tool to view and export data from any OBDC compliant database. Connect to an ODBC data source and enter a SQL statement to execute. The data is then displayed on a read-only grid or it can be exported to a external CSV or HTML report file. ODBC View Any valid SQL statements can be executed including UPDATE, DELETE and calls to database procedures. Run it from the command line to open a data source and export a query to a file.


Download ODBC View 3.1.0 (3.9 MB)

JET - Java Extended Ticker 2.0 by exsys GbR Emden $0.00
JET - Java Extended Ticker

Display any kind of multi-layered information

JET - Java Extended Ticker Display any kind of multi-layered information in a web page and apply functionality to any layer you want, like automatic scrolling or periodic layer replacement. Each layer has individual property and behaviour settings. JET - Java Extended Ticker A multitude of functionality is provided at runtime, like the ability to control foreign layers by command sequences or to perform hyperlinks and JavaScript calls. All required files can easily be constructed with JetGen.


Download JET - Java Extended Ticker 2.0 (568.3 KB)

rapidHELP 2.1 by rapidHelp Software $0.00
JET - Java Extended Ticker

Rapidhelp with rapidHELP Software by H&N

rapidHELP This is rapidHELP rapidHELP is an Intranet- and Internet solution for Call Centre, Helpdesk and Support services and the tool for Hotliners and Supporters. rapidHELP Functional Overview Transparent Data flow Customer Tickets Multitasking support Integral Absence Manager Uniform GUI for Administrators and Users Internet Capability Automatic Timing Automatical display of new tickets Statistics HTML-Functionality Drag and Drop.


Download rapidHELP 2.1 (45 MB)

TR Speaker component 2 by Text-Reader Software $0.00
JET - Java Extended Ticker

Add Text-to-Speech to your application

TR Speaker component TRSpeaker component is an ActiveX control that adds Text-to-Speech capabilities to your application. If your program uses this component, it can read aloud any text data. TR Speaker component This control aggregates The MS Direct Speech Synthesis control (DirectSS). TRSpeaker has all the methods, properties and events that the MS Direct Speech Synthesis control has. So you can use it the same way as the DirectSS.


Download TR Speaker component 2 (256.2 KB)

Reallusion TalkingSlide 1.1 by Reallusion Inc. $39.95
Reallusion TalkingSlide

Make Talking Presentation & Photo Slidesh

Reallusion TalkingSlide Add a new dimension to your photo collection, business presentations, e-learning or educational content. TalkingSlide? creates dynamic rich-media talking animated presentations and photo slideshows by seamlessly adding a CrazyTalk interactive talking guide or audio-narration. Reallusion TalkingSlide Viewers are then guided slide-by-slide by the accompanying speech.


Download Reallusion TalkingSlide 1.1 (8.2 MB)

Crystal FLOW for C 2.0 by SGV Sarc Inc $249.00
Crystal FLOW for C

Review Visualization Tools for C/C++ - Basic

Crystal FLOW for C Basic Edition: Create Flowchart from Source Code with one click. Get a clear view of the code with Flowcharts. You will be up to speed in significantly less time. Automatic-Formatting of Code and Comments. Crystal FLOW for C More than just indenting and line wrapping. Improved code readability saves time. Export to bmp/jpg/visio, state/transition diagrams, custom-shapes for function-calls. Docs Edition: Comprehensive HTML docs with flowcharts, trees.


Download Crystal FLOW for C 2.0 (6 MB)

Crystal REVS for C 2.0 by SGV Sarc Inc $399.00
Crystal REVS for C

Review Visualization Tools for C/C++ - Basic

Crystal REVS for C Understand Code in Less Time. View the functions via flowchart, you will save time. Comment-based flowcharts for a wider audience. Visio/Jpg/Bmp export. State/Transition diagrams Context-sensitive Tokens Panel. Crystal REVS for C Click object-names, keywords, operators to enter code. Auto-formatting takes care of the rest. HTML docs, Metrics Docs Edition: HTML Docs with flowcharts, trees Rules Edition: Static Check [MISRA-C] Professional: Basic+Docs.


Download Crystal REVS for C 2.0 (7.3 MB)


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