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An advanced, powerful and feature rich Enterprise Knowledge Management system

DEKSI KM 1.0 by DEK Software International $0.00

A feature rich Knowledge Management System

DEKSI KM DEKSI Knowledge Management is an advanced, powerful and feature rich Enterprise Knowledge Management system. DEKSI KM It consists of two modules: Enterprise Knowledge Management Knowledge Search (Keyword and Context) Enterprise Knowledge Management Module: The Knowledge Management module consists of four options: Knowledge Management Topics, Post your Ideas, Bulletin Board, Learning Experience.


Download DEKSI KM 1.0 (12.4 MB)

Freedomizer Guard-1 1.0 by SLU Corp. $115.00
Freedomizer Guard-1

Freedomizer Guard-1 New! Super Program

Freedomizer Guard-1 Freedomizer Guard-1 is a New and unique Program. For the first time ever, FG-1 is dedicated to protecting mail traffic transmitted via SMTP and POP3 protocols. It easily communicates with all known mail clients, such as Outlook, Mozilla, etc. Freedomizer Guard-1 The program provides traffic protection with the help of SSL protocol by establishing a secure connection between a client and an intermediate Protection Server.


Download Freedomizer Guard-1 1.0 (1.3 MB)

Truth About Translation 2 by Cross-Cultural Research Projects $12.00
Truth About Translation

Amusing, animated text show on translation

Truth About Translation TRUTH ABOUT TRANSLATION ENHANCED 2. Animated text show gives much information, exposes myths on translating/interpreting/computers. New, menu-driven, humorously probes complex language problems, presents famous quotations about translation spanning 2,500 years, PLUS hilarious "Translation Bloopers" by man & machine PLUS humorous and insightful ideas about how both language & translation truly work. Truth About Translation Animated/printable. Full version.


Download Truth About Translation 2 (504.3 KB)


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