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MS Outlook compatible voice mail and fax messaging system with OCR

PhoneWorks Pro 2004 by Pingram Marketing $119.95
PhoneWorks Pro

Voice mail and fax software with OCR

PhoneWorks Pro PhoneWorks 2004 is an easy-to-use and powerful telephone, voice mail answering system, and fax messaging solution for your PC. PhoneWorks Pro PhoneWorks 2004 Professional's new Optical Character Recognition (OCR) module enables you to easily turn your faxes into documents compatible with Microsoft Office Word, Excel and other popular applications.


Download PhoneWorks Pro 2004 (43.9 MB)

4TOPS Query Tree Editor for MS Access 97 2.00 by 4TOPS $99.00
4TOPS Query Tree Editor for MS Access 97

4TOPS Query Tree Editor for MS Access

4TOPS Query Tree Editor for MS Access 97 44TOPS Query Tree EditorĀ is an add-in for MS Access for query development. Edit and run queries from a tree dialog. The Query Tree dialog displays the dependency tree of the selected query (Uses / Used By). 4TOPS Query Tree Editor for MS Access 97 The buttons on the dialogs support a natural way of working with queries, smoothly switching from the tree overview to query editing to saving different versions or running them to evaluate the results.


Download 4TOPS Query Tree Editor for MS Access 97 2.00 (558.2 KB)

Access Folders 2.11 by Shelltoys Inc. $19.95
Access Folders

Access Folders is an utility for your dialogs

Access Folders Access Folders is a fine Windows enhancement that keeps all of your directories and sub-directories within easy reach. The program integrates into Windows' standard Save As/Open dialogs which are used by most applications. Access Folders By right-clicking the question mark (?) button at the top-right hand side of this window, the program's menu pops-up to provide access to favorite folders. You can also define file filters.


Download Access Folders 2.11 (1000 KB)

Data Monkey G.D.H. 2.0.0 by Dataday Solutions Limited $269.00
Data Monkey G.D.H.

ETL/Database Administration for ALL your data

Data Monkey G.D.H. Data Monkey GDH is an ETL and Database Administration application that works with ODBC compliant data sources. Data Monkey G.D.H. With this one tool you can move / manipulate data and run adhoc SQL statements the way you would in applications like Toad, SQL plus or Query Analyzer making it a great tool for database administration, but with Data Monkey GDH, you use the same tool, with the same feature set regardless of the database your connecting to.


Download Data Monkey G.D.H. 2.0.0 (5 MB)


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