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Windentify Beta Lite is a freeware voice biometric package

WinDentify 2.0 by Research Lab Inc $0.00
USB Monitor

Windows biometrics freeware

WinDentify Windentify Beta Lite is a freeware voice biometric package. Includes fully working voice verified windows logon. Now start your machine with only your voice print. WinDentify ONLY YOU ...... can start your computer. ONLY YOU CAN START: DELETE: HIDE: DENY-ACCESS TO YOUR FILES/ PROGRAMS. YOU CAN PREVENT TAMPERING OF LOG REPORTS. YOU CAN CHECK AUTHENTICITY OF YOUR ONLINE MEMBERS.


Download WinDentify 2.0 (8.7 MB)

Speaker Verification DLL 2.0 by Research Lab Inc $399.00
USB Monitor

Speaker Verification Biometrics SDK

Speaker Verification DLL Create in minutes a Voice Biometrics Package. Gives strong and unbreakable computer protection by voice print. Useful in protecting particular folder, file & important data using voice password. Speaker Verification DLL Try it for Remote Online Server Members Verification. Identify your program users by voice. Speaker Verification DLL is a good solution for computer software programmers looking for measures in biometric security.


Download Speaker Verification DLL 2.0 (3.8 MB)


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