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Everything you need for seamless software localization and more

Lingobit Localizer 4.5 by Lingobit Technologies $895.00
Lingobit Localizer

Powerful software localization tool

Lingobit Localizer Lingobit Localizer is a powerful software localization tool that is fully compatible with MFC, Win32, Delphi, .NET and Java applications. A full lifecycle solution, it simplifies all localization process stages, including localizability testing, translation of application resources, quality management and metrics evaluation. Lingobit Localizer Distributed workflow, visual dialog editing and an easy-to-use interface are just some of its many features.


Download Lingobit Localizer 4.5 (11.8 MB)

MIDlet Pascal 2.01 by Mobile Experts Group $39.00
Lingobit Localizer

Mobile Aplication Developer Tool

MIDlet Pascal Use your Pascal programming skills to develop fully functional Java games and applications for your mobile phone. MIDletPascal compiles Pascal functions and objects directly into Java bytecode which can be used on any Java supported mobile phone. MIDlet Pascal Some of features include full Pascal support, SMS messaging, HTTP connectivity, user- interface (forms) support, multimedia support, integrated IDE. MIDletPascal is FREE for personal usage.


Download MIDlet Pascal 2.01 (1.6 MB)

BarbusLab MobiDB 2.0.3 by BarbusLab $49.90
BarbusLab MobiDB

Make an application for your mobile phone

BarbusLab MobiDB The BarbusLab MobiDB is designed to create applications for mobile devices. To create such applications (midlets) you will not require knowledge of programming languages. Just enter the necessary information into the database of the program, and BarbusLab MobiDB will create ready to use application for your java-enabled phone. BarbusLab MobiDB The program ideally suits for creation of every possible catalogues, reference books, tables, sets of information notes.


Download BarbusLab MobiDB 2.0.3 (15.3 MB)


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