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Learning Numbers Software Store

Easy way of learning numbers in French, German, English, Italian, Spanish

Numero Lingo 1.28 by Silvawood Software $5.00
Numero Lingo

Easy way to learn to count in other languages

Numero Lingo Numero Lingo is the easy way to learn to count in a variety of foreign languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Even if you are fluent in all other aspects of a language, you may still find it difficult to understand numbers delivered at speed. Numero Lingo Numero Lingo is here to teach you to interpret those rapidly-spoken telephone numbers or till totals.


Download Numero Lingo 1.28 (247 KB)

2Know 2.0 by 2Know $0.00

Mnemonics to help you remember numbers

2Know The 2Know helps you remember numbers, such as phone numbers, by generating mnemonics consisting of word phrases. These phrases, and the word-to-number translation rules, are much easier to remember than the raw numbers. 2Know The user simply enters the number to be remembered and a list of candidate words is produced. The user then selects a word. If additional digits need to be translated, additional candidate words are presented for selection.


Download 2Know 2.0 (1.4 MB)


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