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Light Software Store

E-mail and SMS server for local networks and mobile access

NetMail-Light 5.05 by Shamrock Software GmbH $0.00

E-mail and SMS server for local networks

NetMail-Light NetMail is a mail system for local networks and mobile access, either with the built-in webmail interface, or using the NetMail client software. Users can read/write e-mails from any LAN workstation. NetMail-Light Also optimized for GSM, GPRS, UMTS, TCP/IP connections. Includes heuristic virus detection and rule-based spam filter. (Note: NetMail has its own client software, Outlook etc. cannot be used.


Download NetMail-Light 5.05 (2.7 MB)

MP3Resizer 1.6 by Skyshape Software $24.95

Upload more music to your MP3-player

MP3Resizer MP3Resizer is designed to optimize the capacity of your portable music player by reducing the size of MP3 files. This is especially useful when listening to MP3 files on a mobile phone, MP3 player, Pocket PC, etc. MP3Resizer Portable MP3 players don't usually have much memory, and of course, it's a shame to waste precious megabytes.


Download MP3Resizer 1.6 (1 MB)

Pretty Little Pictures 1 by FreeeSpirits $0.00
Pretty Little Pictures

10 Delightful jigsaw puzzles

Pretty Little Pictures 10 Delightful jigsaw puzzles, ideal entertainment for short leisure breaks. Therapeutic when the soul needs to lighten up a bit... quite soothing in fact. The pictures are too cute for words, and the canvas is nice to look at, too - have a look at the screenshots at http://FreeeSpirits. Pretty Little Pictures com/puzzles where you'll also find previews of bigger puzzles. Right-click on the canvas to choose difficulty level, toggle sound, autosolve, etc.


Download Pretty Little Pictures 1 (1.4 MB)

Freedomizer Guard-1 1.0 by SLU Corp. $115.00
Freedomizer Guard-1

Freedomizer Guard-1 New! Super Program

Freedomizer Guard-1 Freedomizer Guard-1 is a New and unique Program. For the first time ever, FG-1 is dedicated to protecting mail traffic transmitted via SMTP and POP3 protocols. It easily communicates with all known mail clients, such as Outlook, Mozilla, etc. Freedomizer Guard-1 The program provides traffic protection with the help of SSL protocol by establishing a secure connection between a client and an intermediate Protection Server.


Download Freedomizer Guard-1 1.0 (1.3 MB)

BeFaster Lite 1.5 by ED Company $10.00
BeFaster Lite

BeFaster Lite optimizes your connection

BeFaster Lite BeFaster Lite is connection speed up toolkit with some powerful tools. It optimizes AOL, Symantec PcAnyWhere, IE, Opera, Dial-up modem, Lan, Wireless, Cable Modem, xDSL, ISDN, T1, DirectPc and Cable/DSL running PPPoE. BeFaster Lite You can configure settings automatically. Its Super-Ping Tool prevents connection drops and its Ping Now Function awakes suspended modems. You can optimize your online/network gaming speed. Have a faster connection now.


Download BeFaster Lite 1.5 (1.3 MB)

EzCom2Web 2.4 by Cosmin Buhu $24.99
BeFaster Lite

Web server/script engine for serial comm

EzCom2Web Lightweight HTTP server and a script engine (like PHP or ASP) in one application . It is a very good tool to control a device connected on a remote PC serial port with a web browser. EzCom2Web You can build a complete web interface for your RS232 device, for example for a home automation box, a remote camera, a ham radio, writing html and script pages. The script code is executed by the internal script engine, so is very fast. PHP integration.


Download EzCom2Web 2.4 (668.1 KB)

SkWHOIS ActiveX Control 4.0 by Magneto Software $295.00
BeFaster Lite

Feature-rich WHOIS ActiveX Control

SkWHOIS ActiveX Control SkWHOIS ActiveX Control is a powerful, intelligent, flexible, and lightweight WHOIS ActiveX control. It allows developers to integrate the WHOIS/NICNAME protocol message sending capability into their applications. SkWHOIS ActiveX Control SkWHOIS ActiveX Control can be used to retrieve information about a specific domain, such as the registrant's company name, address, or contact information. In Autodetect mode it can intelligently query the right database.


Download SkWHOIS ActiveX Control 4.0 (1.1 MB)

PRdigger 1.1.4 by PRdigger.com $39.99

Find High Google Page Rank For Link Partners

PRdigger PRdigger is a unique application that digs through the pages of Google and searches for sites that have a specific pagerank (PR), based on your keywords. PRdigger Our application digs through the pages of Google at lightning speed and produces a list of sites that have a page ranking, based on the parameters you define.


Download PRdigger 1.1.4 (0 B)

Exploring matter with Synchrotron Light 2 by Nanopolis $117.00
Exploring matter with Synchrotron Light

It explains how a synchrotron works

Exploring matter with Synchrotron Light Exploring matter with Synchrotron Light is an interactive and detailed introduction to the physics and technology of radiation generated using accelerators and the corresponding widespread high-tech applications in science, medicine and engineering. Exploring matter with Synchrotron Light Using the most advanced multimedia techniques today, the CD-ROM is conceived for a worldwide audience, both diverse and specialised, with students, scientists and industrialists as choice targets.


Download Exploring matter with Synchrotron Light 2 (1.4 MB)

iReferent Light 3.02 by Sitex Ltd. $20.00
iReferent Light

Easy-to-use Contact Manager

iReferent Light Easy-to-use Contact Manager to organize your personal call center and keeps track of your contacts with CRM data warehouse. Unique database structure: input into the database any number of the description fields. iReferent Light You can keep detail phone call history, dial phone numbers directly from the program, lunch of browser or email. Plug-ins to attach additional functions. Data Wizard to print data from the database or save them as a csv-format file.


Download iReferent Light 3.02 (1.4 MB)

ToggleNETLIGHTS 1.0.1 by Toggle Software Inc. $0.00
iReferent Light

Network Traffic Monitor

ToggleNETLIGHTS Great for Cable and DSL Modems If you once used a modem to connect to the Internet you may have been used to seeing traffic across the modem connection. ToggleNETLIGHTS But often when you switch to a cable or DSL modem this option is no longer available. ToggleNETLIGHTS restores the ability to see incoming and outgoing network traffic.


Download ToggleNETLIGHTS 1.0.1 (337.8 KB)

Prestwood Load Balancer 1.02 by Prestwood Software $99.95
Prestwood Load Balancer

cross-web server, cross-platform web request

Prestwood Load Balancer The Prestwood Load Balancer is a cross-web server, cross-platform web request dispatcher that distributes direct HTTP calls to various web servers, based on the total number of pending requests to each server and the average response time. Prestwood Load Balancer By sending pending HTTP requests to servers with lighter loads or faster throughput, the Prestwood Load Balancer ensures quicker response time for all HTTP calls.


Download Prestwood Load Balancer 1.02 (1 MB)


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