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Macromedia Chat Software Store

Vuechat: Customer Service and CRM

Vuechat 1.2 by Bluetech Inc. $80.00

Vuechat: Customer Service and CRM

Vuechat Vuechat: The ultimate solution for Customer Service and CRM. Vuechat is set of tools for Web-based Customer Service, Instant Messaging, VoIP communcations, Video Conference and the Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Vuechat Vuechat allows customers to contact your company representative through their web browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator), to load up a 1-1 chat applet - with streaming webcam image. As a repres.


Download Vuechat 1.2 (3.1 MB)

NetChat 2.6 by Barefoot Productions, Inc. $29.95

Local network instant messaging system

NetChat NetChat is a peer-to-peer local network messaging and communications system for Windows which does not require a server to be running for use. It allows you to chat in real-time with other users on a secure and private local network connection. NetChat NetChat is easy to use! Getting started with NetChat is very easy - just install the software on two or more computers on the local network and you may begin chatting in real-time with other users.


Download NetChat 2.6 (1.1 MB)

Buzz 3D VideoChat Plus! 1.00 by Buzz 3D $10.00

High Quality Audio / Video Group Chat

Buzz 3D VideoChat Plus! Buzz 3D VideoChat Plus!


Download Buzz 3D VideoChat Plus! 1.00 (3.6 MB)

Dialogoo 2.05 by Proxymis Multimedia $29.90

Chat in Flash for your site with admin tools

Dialogoo Add a free customized, flash Chat for your website just by pasting 1 line of HTML code. The messenger like software allows you to administrate your chat as a moderator. Dialogoo Get full moderator features like: Real time alerts when someone enters the chat,Kicks,HTML web pages opening,statistics and more.


Download Dialogoo 2.05 (859.3 KB)

Network Chat 1.41 by Global DevTech $0.00

Chat in privacy on your network

Network Chat Network Chat is a LAN chat utility that offers a clean interface, emoticons, private messages, sounds, and privacy all in an Internet-style chat window. Included with the package are several . Network Chat WAV files for use as notification, but any .WAV file can be used. Network Chat can detect the names of all the computers on your network (within the same workgroup). You can also send private messages as speech messages, which Network Chat will read out.


Download Network Chat 1.41 (4.1 MB)

CoffeeCup Live Chat 4.0 by CoffeeCup Software $34.00
CoffeeCup Live Chat

Add Live Chat to your Website Quick & Eas

CoffeeCup Live Chat This program allows visitors the opportunity to chat with you in real time. Clicking on a chat link from your site, a visitor will be prompted to enter in their name and will then be taken to a location where they will be able to chat with you. CoffeeCup Live Chat The setup is easy and there is a wizard to walk you through the whole process.


Download CoffeeCup Live Chat 4.0 (5.9 MB)

WebChat - Communicator 1.2.27 by William Candelo a. $0.00
WebChat - Communicator

e visual real - time chat and browser whit BB

WebChat - Communicator WebChat - Communicator


Download WebChat - Communicator 1.2.27 (0 B)

Cute Chat 2.0 by CuteSoft $199.00
Cute Chat

Cute Chat - a full-featured ASP.NET chat

Cute Chat Cute Chat is a full-featured ASP.NET chat program. It's a fast, easy and affordable way to host and manage real-time communication. Cute Chat allows you to organize chat-events, collaborative work sessions or online meetings. Cute Chat It's a fast, easy and affordable.No page refreshes.No special ActiveX Controls needed.Multi-room capability.Direct Log In Mechanism.High reliability, scalability and high load.Bad Word Filter.Private Chat.Kick.ban.


Download Cute Chat 2.0 (2.4 MB)

Camfrog Video Chat 2.5 by Camshare LC $49.95
Camfrog Video Chat

Live streaming video chat rooms

Camfrog Video Chat Join live streaming video chat rooms where you can see, hear, and chat with many users at once. Camfrog Video Chat also has a live photo webcam directory where you can find a partner for one on one video chat. Camfrog Video Chat The software works behind most routers and firewalls. Camfrog Video Chat is optimized for broadband so it has very high quality audio and video. Camfrog is different from other video chat software because users can host their own rooms.


Download Camfrog Video Chat 2.5 (2.2 MB)


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