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Powerful Messaging Encryption Software for personal privacy protection

Message Encryption Application 1.0 by Metaware Productions $29.00
Message Encryption Application

Powerful Messaging Encryption Software

Message Encryption Application Protect your personal messages with encryption keys of your choice. Tthen give the keys to people you trust. - When or if the need arises, change the keys to ensure continued privacy. Message Encryption Application This concept is different in that you can actually see the results of using your encryption keys. No more wondering if what you send over the internet is actually secured or not. Outstanding 'Identity Theft' software protection.


Download Message Encryption Application 1.0 (3 MB)

MyPadlock 1.4 by Metaware Productions $47.00

Want real internet security? Use MyPadLock

MyPadlock MyPadlock


Download MyPadlock 1.4 (3.1 MB)


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