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Create professional flow charts & diagrams with ease

Paraben's Flow Charter 4.19 by Paraben Corporation $34.95
Paraben's Flow Charter

Create professional flow charts & diagram

Paraben's Flow Charter Paraben's Flow Charter is a full-featured flow charting program that allows you to design your own flow charts & diagrams quickly & easily. It keeps track of figures (shapes) that make up a flowchart. Paraben's Flow Charter It remembers how figures are connected, combined with text, and arranged. It automatically formats groups of figures to keep them properly sized, aligned, or arranged. It also helps you add text anywhere on your diagram including within figures.


Download Paraben's Flow Charter 4.19 (1.5 MB)

Paraben's I-Jolt 2.85.57 by Paraben Corporation $14.95
Paraben's I-Jolt

Increase your Internet speed

Paraben's I-Jolt Paraben's I-Jolt helps you optimize your Internet connection. By tweaking your Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU), Maximum Segment Size (MSS), Receive Window (RWIN), Time To Live (TTL), MTU Auto Discover, and Black Hole detection you can obtain faster throughput. Paraben's I-Jolt If you don't know how to do this yourself, I-Jolt is the tool for you. Change these settings manually, one at a time, or select one of several buttons that change the settings as .


Download Paraben's I-Jolt 2.85.57 (1.3 MB)


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