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AntiCrack Software Protector Basic 1.09 by AntiCrack Inc $149.00
AntiCrack Software Protector Basic

anticrack,exe protect,dll protect,antidebug

AntiCrack Software Protector Basic AntiCrack Software Protector is the system of software protection of applications,designed for quick implementation of application protection functions, especially targeted for software developers. AntiCrack Software Protector Basic AntiCrack Software Protector is not only a dll exe protector,but also a dll exe compressor.You can use it to compress and protect your exe dll files step by step. AntiCrack Software Protector is a dll exe protection and dll exe compression tool.


Download AntiCrack Software Protector Basic 1.09 (1.3 MB)

Program Protector 2.1 by Blumentals Software $29.85
Program Protector

Password protect any Windows program

Program Protector Program Protector is unique, state of art security utility, which allows you to password protect programs. You can password protect any Windows application. This functionality is achieved using a special algorithm which modifies executable file of the application, so that it requires to enter valid password before program can start. Program Protector Program Protector is very easy to use and does not require any special computer knowledge.


Download Program Protector 2.1 (1.2 MB)

Themida 1.200 by Oreans Technologies $199.00

Powerful Windows Software Protector

Themida Powerful Windows Software Protector. Designed for software developers who wish to protect their applications against advanced reverse engineering and software cracking. Themida SecureEngineĀ® is an innovating and revolutionary technology for protecting Microsoft Windows applications against modern cracking. Its architecture and design is a completely new idea, never seen before on the security-world.


Download Themida 1.200 (2.5 MB)


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