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Organize and manage your invaluable quotations, comments and snippets of text

.WizQuote. 2.0 by Univision Incorporated $19.95

Reference Info Snippets and Quotes Manager

.WizQuote. Feature rich quotation, comments and reference info snippets manager. "I do a lot of research based work for my employer on various subjects. Most of the time I use the Internet to gather the snippets of info I am looking for. .WizQuote. I wish there was a tool to let me store all these bits and pieces easily in an organized way." Try the inexpensive, easy-to-use, sleek, info tool, WizQuote.


Download .WizQuote. 2.0 (1.4 MB)

SpaceGuard SRM - Disk Quotas Manager 5.4 by Tools4ever $599.00

Directory based quota management and alerting

SpaceGuard SRM - Disk Quotas Manager SpaceGuard SRM is a directory based quota management tool featuring quota enforcement, notification through popup and SMTP/MAPI mail, and Active Directory integration. SpaceGuard SRM - Disk Quotas Manager To minimize configuration effort, SpaceGuard SRM's Auto-Add quotas will manage quotas for you in the background and automatically synchronize your quotas with new or removed home directories according to the rules you defined in your quota policy.


Download SpaceGuard SRM - Disk Quotas Manager 5.4 (5.3 MB)


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