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Ringtones Real Tones Voice Ringers Sound Ringers Mobile Phone Java Games Mobile

Ringtones 1.0 by GevaMobile $0.00

Mobile Ringtones, Logos, Java Games and more

Ringtones Ringtones Real Tones Voice Ringers Sound Ringers Mobile Phone Java Games Mobile Wallpaper - No Subscription - Our Ringtones Do Not Expire. Ringtones Motorola Nokia Samsung Ericsson Sony Hitachi Toshiba LG, Free Mobile, Ringtones, Logos, Java Games, Polyphonic,Monophonic,Real Sounds,40 Tones Polyphonic,MegaTones,Wallpapers,Screensavers,My Own Pic,Big Logos,SonyEricsson Themes,Pictures Message,Operator,Group,Java Games,Videos.


Download Ringtones 1.0 (491.8 KB)

Serial to Ethernet Connector 3.0 by ELTIMA Software GmbH $99.95
Serial to Ethernet Connector

Share serial port data over TCP/IP network

Serial to Ethernet Connector This is software-based solution that lets you share up to 255 serial port devices over TCP/IP network. So, any serial port device connected to COM port could be accessed from anywhere as if it is attached to local PC. Serial to Ethernet Connector It provides the ability to create three different types of connection: Port-to-port, Port-to-TCP client and Port-to-TCP server. Serial to Ethernet Connector uses virtual port technology which emulates real serial ports.


Download Serial to Ethernet Connector 3.0 (3.9 MB)

Virtual Serial Ports Driver XP 4.0 by ELTIMA Software GmbH $111.95
Virtual Serial Ports Driver XP

VSPD XP 4.0 - Linked serial ports emulator

Virtual Serial Ports Driver XP Using Virtual Serial Ports Driver XP you can create any number of virtual serial COM ports in your system which will be virtually connected to each other via virtual null-modem cable. Virtual Serial Ports Driver XP For other Windows applications, virtual serial port pair will be seen exactly as two real serial ports connected via null-modem cable. You can transfer files, exchange data or do whatever you want as they were real serial ports.


Download Virtual Serial Ports Driver XP 4.0 (1.5 MB)

Virtual Serial Ports Driver 5.1.3 by Virtual Serial Port Software $99.95
Virtual Serial Ports Driver

Emulates 2 serial ports linked to each other

Virtual Serial Ports Driver VSPD XP by Virtual Serial Port Software, department of Eltima, creates two virtually connected serial ports in your system. Windows and all applications will not detect any difference between real serial port and virtual one. Virtual Serial Ports Driver You may simply connect two applications via virtual serial port and exchange data. Unlike with real serial ports it is possible to assign any number to virtual ports. VSPD XP can be easily integrated into other software.


Download Virtual Serial Ports Driver 5.1.3 (1.7 MB)

Virtual Serial Port Driver XP4 4.0 by ELTIMA Software GmbH $111.95
Virtual Serial Port Driver XP4

Linked virtual serial ports creation software

Virtual Serial Port Driver XP4 Virtual Serial Port Driver XP4 creates any number of pure virtual serial ports pairs in your system which are virtually connected to each other. You can transfer files, exchange data or do whatever you want as it was real serial ports. Virtual Serial Port Driver XP4 For example, you can create virtual pair COM5-COM6. In this case all data sent by other applications to virtual serial port COM5 arrives at virtual serial port COM6 and all data sent to COM6 arrives at COM-port 5.


Download Virtual Serial Port Driver XP4 4.0 (1.4 MB)

iPROConference Audio/Video S/W V4.2.02 by iPROConference Audio Video Software $49.99
Virtual Serial Port Driver XP4

Live Video Chat RM FREE TRIAL

iPROConference Audio/Video S/W iPROConference Meeting is a virtual multi-purpose meeting or presentation room. Setup is easy and meetings are convenient and available 24/7. iPROConference makes it easy to schedule sessions, invite attendees, and host interactive sessions. iPROConference Audio/Video S/W FEATURES INCLUDE Interactive whiteboard, real time application sharing, text chat, crystal clear audio and webcam capabilities. File Transfer, Desk Top Sharing, Multiple Presentation Modes and more.


Download iPROConference Audio/Video S/W V4.2.02 (346.5 KB)

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Edition 4.0.54 by Avnex Ltd. $99.95
AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Edition

Voice disguising and simulating software

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Edition AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Edition


Download AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Edition 4.0.54 (7.9 MB)

CompeGPS Pocket Land 2.3 by CompeGPS TEAM S.L. $76.00
CompeGPS Pocket Land

Map viewer Software

CompeGPS Pocket Land You will be able to enjoy many of CompeGPS Land’s features such as waypoint and route creation and edition, full communication between PDA and GPS, use of maps and the moving map (real-time navigation). CompeGPS Pocket Land CompeGPS Pocket Land allows full communication between GPS and PDA (tracks, waypoints and routes). You will be able to create waypoints and routes, use maps and real-time navigation.


Download CompeGPS Pocket Land 2.3 (3.9 MB)

SpeechMagician 1.16 by Theway soft $29.90

The software builds the voices for you

SpeechMagician SpeechMagician is a magic software. Besides reading the text in the documents and reports for you, it can also help you with building the the real voice MMS, color ring and truetones for mobile phones, the voice index and comments for the CD and protable mp3 player and making your own programs in the Internet radio station. SpeechMagician In a word, own the software, you will own a digital dubbing studio.


Download SpeechMagician 1.16 (5.7 MB)

Shared Serial Ports 1.1 by ELTIMA Software GmbH $111.95
Shared Serial Ports

Share real serial ports between applications

Shared Serial Ports Shared Serial Port - advanced utility to share real serial ports between applications so that all applications will receive/send data from/to real serial port simultaneously. Shared Serial Ports Shared Serial Port creates virtual serial ports, which are same copies as real ones. Any virtual serial port will have the same name as the real one and any number of applications will be capable of using it at the same time.


Download Shared Serial Ports 1.1 (1.5 MB)

Serial Splitter 3.0 by ELTIMA Software GmbH $99.95
Serial Splitter

Split serial port to be used by several apps

Serial Splitter Serial Splitter is an application, based on Windows kernel drivers technology and Eltima Virtual Serial Ports Driver. It allows you to share real serial port between several applications in a way that all applications will receive same data from one serial port simultaneously. Serial Splitter It is achieved by creating virtual serial ports, which are same copies of real ones. Each application will think that it is working with serial port in exclusive mode.


Download Serial Splitter 3.0 (2.4 MB)

Radmin Communication Server 3.0 by Famatech International Corp. $175.00
Radmin Communication Server

Radmin CS - Corporate Communication Software

Radmin Communication Server Radmin Communication Server by Famatech is a new, secure solution for real-time corporate communications. It can also serve as a secure instant messaging tool, a solution for online conferencing, and a corporate multi-user Text and Voice chat for employees. Radmin Communication Server Radmin CS does not use external servers for connections and offers wide administration opportunities, so no data can be intercepted. All data are encrypted by AES with a 256-bit key size.


Download Radmin Communication Server 3.0 (3.2 MB)

VCX Library 3.0.2005.08 by Lake of Soft, Ltd $39.90
VCX Library

Real-time audio streaming ActiveX components

VCX Library VCX library is a set of ActiveX controls designed for developers of audio streaming projects, such as voice chat, web chat, multi-client conferecne and similar applications. Efficient components for real-time sound recording, playback, encoding, mixing, reading and writing wave files, volume controls access. VCX Library Low latency server and client components for peer-to-peer, multi-client and broadcast audio communications over TCP/IP networks.


Download VCX Library 3.0.2005.08 (1.7 MB)

VSPD Mobile Phone Edition 3.1 by ELTIMA Software GmbH $49.95
VSPD Mobile Phone Edition

VSPD Mobile emulates COM-ports

VSPD Mobile Phone Edition Virtual Serial Ports Driver Mobile can create up to 20 pure virtual serial ports in your mobile system, resulting in 10 virtual serial port pairs available for integration. 2 ports in a pair are connected via a virtual null-modem and emulate real serial ports. VSPD Mobile Phone Edition Virtual serial ports pair can be used to transfer files, other data as if there are additional real serial ports in your smartphone. The solution can be used for GPS simulation software.


Download VSPD Mobile Phone Edition 3.1 (116 KB)

Pool House 1.0 by Absolutist.com $16.95
Pool House

Pool House - the ultimate billiards

Pool House Pool House - experience the ultimate billiards game: snooker, 8-ball, 9-ball, Russian, American Pyramid, one pocket pool, call shot games and other kinds! Precise and robust physical model makes you feel like playing at real life pool club! You can make angled or spinned cue strokes to perform complex combination shots. Pool House Download this billiards game pack for free and arrange a real pool championship at your house.


Download Pool House 1.0 (2.1 MB)

deset Pocket Video Maker - Symbian 1.5 by deset GmbH $29.99
deset Pocket Video Maker - Symbian

Watch full length movies on Symbian phones

deset Pocket Video Maker - Symbian Many of todays mobiles are in the meantime so powerful, that applications that have been reserved for desktop PCs, now run without a problem on those small devices. This includes also the playing of movies in full length. deset Pocket Video Maker - Symbian A movie in good quality for example finds place on a 64MB storage card. From now on you watch your movies in the train, on the plain, while waiting for the bus or simply said - everywhere where you´re heading with your mobile.


Download deset Pocket Video Maker - Symbian 1.5 (52.9 MB)

Audio Record Wizard 3.99 by NowSmart Studio $24.95
Audio Record Wizard

This is a sound recorder with mp3/ogg support

Audio Record Wizard Audio Record Wizard is a real-time sound recorder software, which offers professional recording features with VAS(Voice Active System) and mp3/ogg support.The audio recorder program is designed to work directly with your sound card, so it can record almost all audio from your sound card at near-perfect quality. Audio Record Wizard So, you can record sound from a microphone, line-in, and just about any other programs (like winamp, realplay, windows media player.


Download Audio Record Wizard 3.99 (2.5 MB)

NetChat 2.6 by Barefoot Productions, Inc. $29.95

Local network instant messaging system

NetChat NetChat is a peer-to-peer local network messaging and communications system for Windows which does not require a server to be running for use. It allows you to chat in real-time with other users on a secure and private local network connection. NetChat NetChat is easy to use! Getting started with NetChat is very easy - just install the software on two or more computers on the local network and you may begin chatting in real-time with other users.


Download NetChat 2.6 (1.1 MB)

Xingtone 4.0 by Xingtone Inc. $19.95

Create real audio ringtones from your mp3s

Xingtone Xingtone's desktop software allows you to make your own real music ringtones from any audio file on your computer. Use music clips, sound effects, your child's laugh (now with included microphone support), your dog's bark, or any sound you like. Xingtone For one low fee create an unlimited number of real music ringtones. Supports major US and Canadian mobile networks and use of mp3, wav, cda, wma, avi files and more.


Download Xingtone 4.0 (13.8 MB)

e-Xpressor MIDI Voicer 1.31 by e-Xpressor Laboratory $72.00
e-Xpressor MIDI Voicer

MIDI Voicer - voice to midi conversion

e-Xpressor MIDI Voicer The program converts: voice to MIDI in real-time, wav to MIDI, vocal to ringtone. Recognizes sung notes and transforms it to MIDI score. e-Xpressor MIDI Voicer <p>Voice frequency range: 100 - 1500 Hz<br>Note range: A2 - F#6<br>Conversion delay (in real-time): 30 ms<br>Opening files: WAV<br>WAVE file sampling rate: 8000 - 192000 Hz<br>WAVE file resolution: 8, 16 or 32 bps<br><p>Saving: <br>Original voice: WAV<br>.


Download e-Xpressor MIDI Voicer 1.31 (982 B)

MP3 Sound Recorder XP 2.22 by Mjjsoft.com $29.95
MP3 Sound Recorder XP

Audio and MP3 Recorder,ram to mp3 recorder

MP3 Sound Recorder XP MP3 Sound Recorder XP enables you to record sound, played back through your sound card and any other sound sources like microphone , VCR, Line in, Telephone, Data CD, DVD, Audio tape player etc. MP3 Sound Recorder XP You can use it to grab any sound, including music, dialogs from movies, game sounds etc. from your local computer or the internet. Captured sounds can be saved in WAV,MP3,WMA or OGG format, using real-time conversion (without creating temporary files.


Download MP3 Sound Recorder XP 2.22 (2.5 MB)

Fomine Real-Time Communications Server 1.5 by FOMINE SOFTWARE $79.00
Fomine Real-Time Communications Server

This is an instant messaging server for LAN

Fomine Real-Time Communications Server We offer you a really powerful solution for real-time communication over the Intranet. Not only will you be able to send instant messages inside your office or organization, but also maintain video and voice conversations, send files and share applications. Fomine Real-Time Communications Server Fomine Real-Time Communication Server is based on the industry standard protocols. That is why it is completely compatible with Windows Messenger.


Download Fomine Real-Time Communications Server 1.5 (489.1 KB)

4BlindMice 1.4 by InspiredCode $48.00

RealTime ScreenReading talking mouse gets GUI

4BlindMice RealTime Screen Reading talking mouse works with existing reader to provide GUI. Most screen readers treat Windows like a big list. Some run their hands over things, some run their eyes over things. 4BlindMice It's the brain that puts it all together. How would you like to run your hands over the screen and get the big picture? Drive your mouse full speed across the screen, knowing in real time where you are and what you're flying over! You can picture it.


Download 4BlindMice 1.4 (2.2 MB)

Internet Timer 3 3.0.348 by Designer Software $34.95
Internet Timer 3

Powerful online usage monitoring and control

Internet Timer 3 The ultimate online tracking and control software, designed to log online usage while displaying real-time session costs on-screen. Internet Timer 3 iT3 supports world call schemes, application processing, custom events, restrictions, limits and includes a powerful log viewer capable of showing filterable listings, user and connection statistics, usage graphs, ranked data as well as sorted data exports in various formats with custom printing and editing abilities.


Download Internet Timer 3 3.0.348 (4.2 MB)

Vodi 3.0 by SESTEK $19.99

Modify timbre, pitch, duration, add effects

Vodi Vodi is a tool for modifying pitch, timbre, duration and adding audio effects. Vodi supports independent pitch and timbre modification in the real sense as opposed to other software tools for voice modification: You can hold the pitch constant and modify the timbre and vice versa, or you can modify them independently in desired amounts. Vodi Changing the pitch results in a voice that sounds in a different tone as compared to the original.


Download Vodi 3.0 (3.4 MB)


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