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DataBull downloads stockquotes into any technical analysis software program

DataBull - download stock quotes 2.3.3 by USEC International $120.00
DataBull - download stock quotes

Download stock quotes

DataBull - download stock quotes DataBull is a comprehensive downloader for historical, end-of-day and intraday data from over 50 international exchanges. DataBull directly passes the data into your TA-software. DataBull - download stock quotes DataBull writes the data automatically and directly to your TA-software without using other data converters. DataBull produces data output in MetaStock-format, .PRN-format, ASCII-format and Excel. This makes DataBull compatible with most TA-software.


Download DataBull - download stock quotes 2.3.3 (10.3 MB)

Active TTS Component 2.0.2006.0226 by Guangming Software $99.95
DataBull - download stock quotes

convert text to mp3, wma, ogg on the fly

Active TTS Component Directly convert text to wav, text to mp3, text to wma, text to ogg, text to vox, text to au and text to aiff format on the fly without temporary files created. Convert text to speech at high speed and save your disk's life as well Show progress when speaking or converting text Support SAPI4 or SAPI5 compliant voices. Active TTS Component Convert mp3 to Macromedia flash format, so you can convert text to swf and add mp3 stream speech to web site in realtime.


Download Active TTS Component 2.0.2006.0226 (600 KB)

CallerIP 3.0b by Visualware Inc. $39.95

Identify backdoor security threats

CallerIP CallerIP monitors activity on open ports on your system, which are often not protected by firewall's, and identifies backdoor's that could allow harmful Trojan' to steal your information. CallerIP Connections are monitored in realtime and identified by country, a click on an IP address shows the city and country location on a world map. Worldwide WHOIS lookups show domain and network registration contact information, including abuse reporting information.


Download CallerIP 3.0b (2.3 MB)

Modem Monitor Graph (ModemGPH) 4.1 by Ashok Kumar Parmar $0.00
Modem Monitor Graph (ModemGPH)

Plots dial-up modem data

Modem Monitor Graph (ModemGPH) This free program plots in realtime all data sent and received using the Dial-Up Networking Adapter and Modem. Shows separate sent, received, send rate, received rate, peaks and totals. Modem Monitor Graph (ModemGPH) Five graphs and statistics. Animated System Tray Icon. Allows you to change colours, graph size, sample seconds, 3D graph, axis and more. Alarms, MP3 Player with skins, MP3 Playlist, System Hotkeys.


Download Modem Monitor Graph (ModemGPH) 4.1 (823.2 KB)

AV Voice Changer Software 4.0.54 by Avnex Ltd. $29.95
AV Voice Changer Software

Change your voice over Internet and PC2Phone

AV Voice Changer Software AV Voice Changer Software


Download AV Voice Changer Software 4.0.54 (6.2 MB)

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Edition 4.0.54 by Avnex Ltd. $99.95
AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Edition

Voice disguising and simulating software

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Edition AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Edition


Download AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Edition 4.0.54 (7.9 MB)

CommuniCrypt Standard Edition 1.14 by CommuniCrypt Software $19.00
CommuniCrypt Standard Edition

RSA-Encrypted realtime-messenging/chat

CommuniCrypt Standard Edition CommuniCrypt is a new tool for high secured realtime communication via LAN and Internet. It works like a messenger or a chat tool, but the complete data transfer between both machines are highly encrypted through Public-Key-Encryption with RSA encryption algorithm (RSAES-OAEP). CommuniCrypt Standard Edition The key length of public and private key may between 338 and 7120 bit.With hostname-resolving, online-update and minimize to tray.


Download CommuniCrypt Standard Edition 1.14 (3.6 MB)

timp 2005 by Tipic Inc. $0.00

XMPP/Jabber based Instant Messaging Platform

timp TIMP is Instant Messaging Platform based on XMPP/Jabber that runs on Windows 2000 with Active Directory - LDAP integration and SSL. Any XMPP/Jabber compatible client can connect to TIMP (Linux, Java, Mac-OS, Palm, Pocket-PC, Web based client, etc). timp TIMP Supports XMPP/Jabber Protocol, XML, SOAP, XML-RPC and RSS; TIMP has Open APIs and a pluggable architecture that allows to write Plug-ins in any language (VB, C++, VBscript, Perl, Python, etc.


Download timp 2005 (1.6 MB)


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