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Advanced Internet dialer, PC clock synchronizer and proxy server

SP Dialer 1.40 by Alexander Panchenko $25.00
SP Dialer

Dialer, time synchronizer and proxy server

SP Dialer Award winning 3 in 1 solution - advanced Internet dialer, time synchronizer and proxy server. SP Dialer It can redial multiple lines until connection established, restore broken connections, keep track of online time, cost and traffic, play sounds on connect and disconnect, launch and terminate programs, monitor the connection quality, synchronize PC clock with the atomic clock, share a single connection among all computers in the network and so on.


Download SP Dialer 1.40 (235.8 KB)

Repeat Dialer 3.52.1 by Kassis Technologies $9.95
Repeat Dialer

Repeatedly checks busy line until it's free

Repeat Dialer If an important number happens to be busy, this application will recheck that number repeatedly for availability, for up to a user-set number of minutes. If the line becomes free, you'll hear the ring signal. Repeat Dialer Just pick up your phone and start talking. You may also set the program to redial on ring signals too. This feature can be used for radio contests and call-in television voting.


Download Repeat Dialer 3.52.1 (1.7 MB)


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