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Cute Chat- a full-featured ASP.NET chat program. Fast, easy and affordable

Cute Chat 2.0 by CuteSoft $199.00
Cute Chat

Cute Chat - a full-featured ASP.NET chat

Cute Chat Cute Chat is a full-featured ASP.NET chat program. It's a fast, easy and affordable way to host and manage real-time communication. Cute Chat allows you to organize chat-events, collaborative work sessions or online meetings. Cute Chat It's a fast, easy and affordable.No page refreshes.No special ActiveX Controls needed.Multi-room capability.Direct Log In Mechanism.High reliability, scalability and high load.Bad Word Filter.Private Chat.Kick.ban.


Download Cute Chat 2.0 (2.4 MB)

Prestwood Load Balancer 1.02 by Prestwood Software $99.95
Prestwood Load Balancer

cross-web server, cross-platform web request

Prestwood Load Balancer The Prestwood Load Balancer is a cross-web server, cross-platform web request dispatcher that distributes direct HTTP calls to various web servers, based on the total number of pending requests to each server and the average response time. Prestwood Load Balancer By sending pending HTTP requests to servers with lighter loads or faster throughput, the Prestwood Load Balancer ensures quicker response time for all HTTP calls.


Download Prestwood Load Balancer 1.02 (1 MB)


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