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Scansoft Software Store

Convert any text into voice and MP3 or WMA for PC or download to portable player

TextAloud 2.173 by NextUp.com $29.95

Convert any text into voice and MP3 or WMA

TextAloud Converts any text into spoken words. Reads Text, Email, Web Pages, and Documents using your choice of voices. Unique Text to MP3 or WMA conversion saves your daily reading to audio files for download to your portable player. TextAloud Listen to email, online news, or important documents while you exercise, work or commute. Available with exciting premium voices from ATT Natural Voices, Cepstral, NeoSpeech, Acapela, and Nuance/ScanSoft RealSpeak.


Download TextAloud 2.173 (5.6 MB)

Speech Engine DLL SDK 5.0 by Research Lab Inc $0.00

Speech Recognition Component

Speech Engine DLL SDK Start recognizing voice commands in any spoken language with Research-Lab's Isolated Words Language-Independent Speech Recognition Engine. From writing a simple voice commands recognition program to a VoiceXML PC-To-PC Interactive Voice Response, English Language is no more a programmers only limit . Speech Engine DLL SDK Need also arises in conditions when one requires to add a user interface with hands-free control.


Download Speech Engine DLL SDK 5.0 (6 MB)

Dictation 2005 5.9 by Research Lab Inc $79.00

Complete Speech Recognition Word Processor

Dictation 2005 Complete speech recognition application that lets you talk to your PC, resulting in higher productivity. Wave to Text can be used to record your brainstorming while you have breakfast or your informal meetings. Dictation 2005 Features: Dictation, Quick Edit, Wave To Text, Point'n Speak and MS Word Insertion.


Download Dictation 2005 5.9 (40.8 MB)

TTS Builder 1.0 by Research Lab Inc $99.00

Create your own Text To Speech Voice

TTS Builder TTSBuilder allows engineers to create their own Text To Speech Voice or Language using High Quality Open Festival Speech Synthesis Research. A complete step-by-step manual for such a creation is included in the retail version. TTS Builder The evaluation version has one such British Voice created using the mentioned step-by-step techniques. The TTSBuilder converts the heavy technical research oriented documentation into one simple practical guide.


Download TTS Builder 1.0 (8.1 MB)


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